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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Feeding the birds

01 Female cardinal & house finch on feeder Yarnell AZ (1024x768)

Female cardinal & house finch

Like many of you, I like to feed the birds. Makes me feel good to help them out during winter, even though I know they don’t usually need me.

02 Male cardinal on feeder Yarnell AZ (1024x768)

Male cardinal

So, OK, I feed the little birds for the selfish reason of watching the birds.

03 Cooper's Hawk in Oak Yarnell AZ (1024x768)

And then once in a while get lucky enough to have a Bigger bird come in as well.

04 Cooper's Hawk Yarnell AZ (752x1024)

It’s really not a moral dilemma, just the circle of life.

05 Cooper's Hawk Yarnell AZ (640x1024)

I’m pretty sure this is a male Cooper’s Hawk because of the distinct white band on the bottom of the rounded tail.

06 Cooper's Hawk Yarnell AZ (538x646)

He didn’t get a meal while here.

07 Cooper's Hawk Yarnell AZ (634x1024)

At least not this time.

08 Cooper's Hawk Yarnell AZ (1024x678)


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Gaelyn: That hawk is a beauty and has a right to get a meal at your feeder.

trav4adventures said...

Gaelyn, I feed the birds as well and a hawk now has claimed our front yard as its territory. And, yes, it does feed on the doves, not the birdseed. I only see it every once in a while. That's nature...I can tell when he is around. All the doves disappear and it is QUIET!!!

Small City Scenes said...

The Hawk is a beauty alright. I have some feeders but always forget to fill them.

I had never heard of 'gluechip class' before so had to do a search. And now I know--thanks. The glass does have patterns in it just like Jack Frost had been there. Learn something new everyday. MB

Diane said...

The cardinal is beautiful, such a rich colour, but I am very fond of the birds of prey. I used to work for a man who was a falconer and I spent many hours heping him with his birds. I also feed for selfish means when in France as I love to watch them. Diane

Jenn Jilks said...

Beautiful shots! The hawk is there by rights! We don't seem to have cardinals at our new place. Thanks for sharing yours!

Unknown said...

Great yard bird!

Elaine said...

It is disconcerting to see a bird of prey watching your feeders. Last year I had a Northern Shrike that went after the Redpolls at my feeders. As you say, it is part of the circle of life, but I still didn't like watching it happen right outside my window.

Anonymous said...

He's spectacular! I had a shrike in the trees near the feeders a couple of weeks ago. They take smaller birds and impale them on sticks before eating them. There's some major ewww...

But that's nature. Bigger birds eat smaller ones, cats eat both and the wheel goes round.

Janie said...

I enjoy seeing the hawks, although their presence is a bit of a hazard for the little birds.
Great photos of the Cooper's.

Johnny Nutcase said...

Oh he let you get some nice photos! There's a Cooper's that hangs out in my parent's yard (lots of feeders) but i've never seen him take any of the little guys out luckily.

Firefly the Travel Guy said...

I have made a bird feeder, but still needs to put it up. I would love to sit and watch the birds like you do.

Pat said...

Still partial to the cardinal, but the hawk is nice, too!

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