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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Got birds

I finally got some birdseed. OK, I actually got it from Berta. And I’m always surprised to see this little guy at the seed feeder. Doesn’t usually show up until spring. Wonder if he knows something I don’t. Sure looks gray out there and it’s predicted to snow by tonight. Eat up!

a228a Bridled Titmouse Yarrnell AZ - Copy

Bridled Titmouse


Lorac said...

Lovely little fellow!

Diane said...

I will be so glad to be back in France where I can see and hear birds again! Here in the concrete jungle they are very few and far between. Diane

Anonymous said...

New to me. He looks something like a black capped chickadee back here. Nice shot though. Glad you got some seed.

eileeninmd said...

Cute bird and a new one for me. I'm sure would have tons of great birds at your feeders. I only see the Tufted Titmouse here.

Martha Z said...

Below freezing last night and predicted again tonight so I have been keep the feeders filled. I don't think the birds that winter here expect such cold weather.

Helena Mallonee said...

What a little cutie!
I just hung a feeder up, and am really hoping the birds find it soon! The cats could use some entertainment.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

He is a determined little guy.

Sondra said...

Great Bird...I have lost track of where you are-I thought AZ?
I would love to see one of these Bridled tits---

Janie said...

I hope this titmouse knows spring is on the way, because I'm more than ready! Nice photo of him chowing down at the feeder.

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