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Monday, February 28, 2011

MWT - Going to Texas

01 Palms in Mom's yard San Benito TX (768x1024)

It’s that time of year for me to visit my Mom in South Texas. I’m tired of the cold 5,000 foot northern Arizona winter weather. Instead I’ll be warm and sticky from all the humidity. Hey, why not complain about something like the weather that you can’t do a damn thing about?

02 Truck camper at Crazy Jug Point FS292 Kaibab NF AZ (1024x768)

Taking the truck and slide-in camper, although I’d love to have the Big comforts of the 5th-wheel I don’t need to spend any more on fuel.

03 Mom in kitchen San Benito TX (393x1024)

Mom is asking for help.  Dusting, shopping, things that she could get assistance with, if she’d just let people in her house. But she is afraid of the unknown, untrustful. I’m really not trying to complain, just to better understand June, this woman I call my mother. I’ve been trying to learn herstory. I want to help her. Guess I’ll have to learn how.

04 Dad at Atrium Nursing home San Benito TX (1024x941)

And it’s only Mom now as my Dad passed just over a year ago. I feel so fortunate to have seen him during last years visit.

05 Freeman Rd AZ (1024x589)

Yes, I now have a smart phone droidx and hopefully will be able to stay in touch, if I’m not in the middle of nowhere. Which I hope to be many times on this journey.

06 Seminole Canyon TX pano (1024x312)

Seminole Canyon, TX

But I don’t find it easy to type much on the qwerty key board and reading blog posts on a 3x5” screen could cause blindness. I have to watch my usage on the mobile hotspot which I hope to use for posting to keep you all up to date. So I’m apologizing ahead of time if you don’t see my comments. Maybe this is when FB becomes easier.


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The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Have a safe trip, Gaelyn. It's a worthy journey. Soak it all in with your mom.

Johnny Nutcase said...

Have a safe trip - where in South Texas does your mom live? I'm sure she'll appreciate you coming down to help, I hope it goes well! Are you headed to Big Bend, too? Safe travels!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Have a safe trip.

Quiet Paths said...

Be safe and I hope it is a good visit. I have aging parents too so I can relate. If you inquire about home help together while you are there maybe she would feel more comfortable?

Jo said...

Gaelyn;) you travel safe now and enjoy the time with your mum. You are an honourable lady and your mum will appreciate you coming to see her. I love the landscape photos! Blessings and (((hugs))) Jo

Dawn Fine said...

I hope you warm up without the humidity.. Last year whole in south texas, it was pleasant and on the dry side. I understand all too well about Internet. We have resorted to two aircards- ATT and virgin mobile.. We use the ATT until 5 g then turn on virgin mobile.. I use over 12 g most months:) happy trails..

Diane said...

Take care and drive safely. I am sure your Mother will be delighted to see you. I know how difficult it is with elderly parents. Both mine are now long gone, but Nigel's father celebrates his 90th in May and still lives alone! Diane

Anonymous said...

Have a safe journey Gaelyn! And enjoy your time with your mom, I know challenging at times, but picture the best situations and perhaps they will manifest. Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Be careful typing on the phone as Texas has got some big side ditches and you could run into some sage brush and they wouldn't find you in a week.

KT said...

Have a safe journey...and lets hope that fuel costs start going down.

Jenn Jilks said...

I know how difficult this stage is. Bear up. Just be there for your mom.
Cheers from Ontario Cottage Country!

tattytiara said...

Touch base when you can, have a good and safe trip, and enjoy spending time with your mom!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your visit - and the warmth!

Pat said...

Hi, Gaelyn. Sorry for your mom problems. Remember our correspondence about that? I now am faced with the same thing, and will have to go to the US very soon.

Firefly the Travel Guy said...

I hear you about fuel usage. Our fuel price is going up again today with the crude oil price climbing so sharply. And already they are saying that it will climb even more next month with extra taxes being included.

If I'm away from home I don't bother with blogs on my Blackberry. Its too much of a hassle. I normally do a couple of forward posted blog posts just to keep them active and then check to see if they posted. The phone's screen is small and the buttons even smaller so reading and typing is not easy. That is the beauty of FB. I keeps me in touch with people even when I'm away cause its easier to use on the BB. Also you don't type so much on FB. Right, time to go and update my FB status. LOL!

Elaine said...

Have a safe journey. You won't regret doing your best to help your mother and reaching whatever understanding you can. Even if you can't make things better for her and for you, when you look back you'll know you tried. That's all you can do.

Arija said...

I am glad you are going to see your mother and also that you will have a change of scene and weather.
It is sad when your parent is far away, in need of help, yet not trusting enough to accept it. There is only so much we can do from a distance.

I hope all goes well on your trip and you can sort a few things while you are there.

Be safe, be well and above all, be happy.

Hugs . . . Arija

RoeH said...

I'm jealous. And envious. And I covet. There. I think I've rounded everything off. I have only seen the panhandle of Texas...and it was the flattest place I've ever been to, I might add. But as usual with EVERYWHERE, I want to see it all.


Barb said...

Have a good visit and a safe trip, Gaelyn! Don't melt in the humidity (what's that?).

Ruth said...

I hope your trip is going well. It is unlikely you will change your mom, but I trust things are not too stressful this year. She must be a very independent lady, just like you :-)

Janie said...

Smart phones are good for email and texts, but I couldn't see reading blogs on them. Should be nice for keeping in touch, though. Hope you have a good visit with your mom.

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