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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Creative Time

Been so busy blogging this winter I’ve neglected another of my creative outlets/distractions, making jewelry. Although up and down-loading on dial-up does provide a bit of time to multi-task I really prefer to get into the now of creating. Plus, I wanted a couple new pairs of earvines to match necklaces I made in the past. And, because I tend to give them away, my back stock had gotten very low. That’s plenty of reasons.

Traveling bead package
(No, I don’t drink that much Crown Royal, I bought 50 bags at a yard sale from a lady who does.)
Before leaving for Texas I put together a travel package of beads, wire and tools. Then was reminded that the tools couldn’t go in my carry-on luggage, all I was taking. So, left it behind. I’m no terrorist, (really), yet I think a pen and pencil are more dangerous in the right hands than my 4inch pliers. More rules.

OK, I’ve drifted away from the topic, which is...

1956 Album cover
Sorry, I’m listening to Doris Day sing “Que Sera Sera, Whatever will be will be, the future’s not ours to see.” I’d upload it if, once again, I wasn’t on dial-up. Sure stifles my creativity.

Set up and ready to work
Oh yea, creative time, that’s the topic.

Time to bend a little wire
Yesterday I got ambitious and made six pairs of earvines, at least two of them for me.

Earvine labors of love
Still have more to make, when the next wave of earvine creativity strikes. Then I can put all the beads away.

Some of the bead storage
Oh no, that’s another project.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gaelyn,

Being Creative certainly invigirates the soul. I havn't been too creative lately. I probably won't be taking too many pictures over the next half year, since we plan to be hiking till the fall. But time will tell.

We will be hiking through the north rim of the grand canyon most likely around the beginning of April, so we will be looking for you and will give you a call when the time comes. Hope to see you then.


Karen said...

I have not been very creative since Lynda left. I was thinking about getting my sewing machine out today, though, although I need to do more than think about it to get it done.

Denise said...

Your creativity makes me realize I've been neglecting my own. Your photos are so interesting and those ear vines look so pretty.

Lantaw said...

Thats a great hobby!

magiceye said...

very creative indeed!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

This is a fantastic creative outlet Gaelyn. Now there is a song which brngs back many memories. I was listening to some Cliff Richard over the weekend. Dates us a bit doesn't it. LOL!!

Amanda said...

Dang you make me want to go back to the RV lifestyle. Such freedom and happiness!!

Diane C. said...

I enjoyed peaking at your tools and supplies that use to make your beautiful creations. That song, Que Sera Sera, is going through my head now...whatever will be will be...

Quiet Paths said...

Really interesting; and pretty too! I liked your comment about the ballpoint pen being more dangerous than pliers. My husband beads a bit; he has a similar setup. Funny thing last night his container sprung a leak and we ended up picking them up off the floor... lots of them. That's one way to organize!

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Big DD fan here and I have Che Sera Sera as a tune on my cellphone for a good friend.

Love those ear vines they are so pretty Gaelyn.

CancunCanuck said...

Oooh, I love the ear vines, very pretty! Your post made me think of the expression "Idle hands are the devil's tools", you must be steering clear of trouble if you are able to keep yourself busy. Lovely!

Susie of Arabia said...

Love your earvines, Gaelyn. I like to make jewelry too - just out of beads though.

dAwN said...

How creative...the first time I have ever seen earings like that.
very nice.
wow do you have allot of supplies...where do u keep them all?

Anonymous said...

I love your earvines. They are beautiful and creative. I feel like I have been very uncreative while we have been here, but after all our hikes, i am sure I will get the chance to start up on my projects again. Keep being creative, and having fun!

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