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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Addicted to Blog

While surfing some of my favorite blogs today I found this quiz at Sarah’s. She didn’t think that it’s very accurate, and for her I agree. Yet I felt it did right by me. Link to this quiz through Brit Gal.

I have become addicted to the blog world. And in the process I’ve met numerous interesting people from around the world. It’s opened my eyes to a new world of possibilities and people. I’m glad to have opened my mind to the technological changes around me.

“Remember when the library changed from card catalogues to computer?” Berta asked me today. Oh yea, and I wasn’t happy about it. Neither was she, and even went so far as to write a letter to the editor in complaint. Yet now she’s certainly computer savy.

Change, one of the hardest things to consciously do. Yet change happens so fast around us that we’re frequently caught in its tail wind, pulled through before we knew whether to resist. Sometimes it’s for the better, or worse. But I figure if something positive is learned, it’s all good.

So, yes, for now I’m 67% addicted to blogging, and 100% to life.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t savy enough to get the quiz’s image here thru a link. Still so much to learn!


Lily Hydrangea said...

I remember card catalogues. Now I can check out all of the libraries card catalogues on Long Island from my laptop at home and put a book on reserve too.Change is hard but it's usually good, mostly.
; )

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

I also remember card catalogues, in fact our school library still uses them.

Glad you enjoyed this little quiz, your comment on mine made me LOL, you are so right!

BTW I met a really nice friend of yours tonight when she came to visit my blog - Fab Grandma.

I think the link to that site was given as html code when you got your result. In which case you click somewhere in the code and hit CTRL + A, then rightp-click and COPY. Then open up a new post in your blog and just paste it in on the HTML page option.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Technology? What can I say? I for one and a computer addict and cannot do without it for one day, then I wonder what I did with my time before I had one. Well I guess it was when I was still extending my brain power and doing a lot of reading.

Quiet Paths said...

100% addicted to life. That is just the perfect banner to carry.

Susie of Arabia said...

I thank God every day for modern technology because I don't think I would be able to handle living here without it! I just had a 3 day period without the internet and it drove me crazy. And then trying to catch up on the blogging world and emails - it's just brutal - but I love it. I'm off to take the quiz. I'm probably so addicted I should be sent to rehab!

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