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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Building a fence

Last month Berta bought 700 pieces of irregular slab wood, cut on one side and naturally curved on the other. It’s beetle-kill pine so the bark fell off by itself and there’s awesome worm trails that look like hieroglyphics.

So, we’re building a fence. Actually there’s already a small fence so we’re just adding to it.

That's Berta

Had fun picking the lengths and putting them in the desired order. Then took turns on each side of the fence screwing on the boards.

Gaelyn & Berta

Ran out of screws and then out of light.

Fence in progress

I like it!


Karen said...

That is a very cool looking fence.

Anonymous said...

That looks like work -- maybe that's why my trip is postponed lol
It's going to be great.

babooshka said...

You have a great outlook on life. I'm having laptop problems but I intend to look round your blog. So glad you dropped by mine the last few days. It' a breathe of fresh air visiting here.

Anonymous said...

I have seen another fence quite like this one, and I like the natural feel of them. And it is a great use for the cants off the logs.

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