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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Winter snow birds

01 Snowing Yarnell AZ (1024x768)

Saturday noon

Saturday it started snowing. It continues to snow, on and off today. The poor birds are not happy. Especially with me, for running out of bird seed.

02 Snowing Yarnell AZ (768x1024)

Saturday 1:20pm

Yet I don’t feel guilty enough to go out and buy seed, not when it’s snowing. Besides, the local hardware store where I buy seed is closed on Sunday. It’s 30 miles beyond that for, just about anything. I’m not complaining about that mind you, but I can hear the birds bitchin’.

03 Snowing Yarnell AZ (1024x768)

Saturday 12:55pm

There’s a seed bell—which the birds have ignored for a month—covered with birds. So it’s not as though they’re starving. Besides, many neighbors feed the birds. Heck, Berta would give me seed if I felt like schlepping over through the wind to get it. Tomorrow is another day.

04 Birds & snow Yarnell AZ (1024x758) Sunday 9am

I am lulled by the usual customers—sparrows, juncos, jays, cardinals, doves, finches, quail and towhees—moving in and out like waves on a shore, in the open then hiding in brush, the ebb and flow without seeming (to me) pattern.

05 Cooper's or Sharp-shinned Hawk Yarnell AZ (614x1024)

Either Cooper’s or Sharp-shinned Hawk

So when I finally noticed this new arrival, I was more surprised than the rest of the flock.

Update on changes: This is day 12 of No Smoking. Still liking the new droidx phone. And my status has returned to single.


Teri said...

Even here in the suburbs of Chicago we get an occasional hawk that will scare away (or kill) the smaller birds.

Barb said...

Well, some good news and some bad news in this post, Gaelyn. The still no smoking is good news. I'm sorry about the bad. But - keep up the no smoking...we're pulling for you! PS I like the hawk photo.

Sally in WA said...

Snow, snow, go away!!! Enough of this white crap.

forgetmenot said...

The birds will survive, but I'm sure they will be happy to see the birdfeeders full again. Have a glorious week! Mickie

Sandy said...

yes scarlett, tomorrow is another day... you could hear the birds bitchin'...too funny! congrat's on day day at a time! both of those...tomorrow is another day and one day at a time...are appropriate responses to your new "status" as well. chin up my girl!

Diane AZ said...

Your yard looks pretty with snow and birds. We can certainly count on changes, whether we welcome them or not. Congrats on 12 days of no smoking.

Pat said...

The birdies will manage somehow! I see now that they've settled for the bell, as long as that lasts! It's like Bibi's kibble; she eats the big pieces last.

Firefly the Travel Guy said...

At first I wondered what all of them do when you are away at the canyon, but then I realised that its would be summer with lots of food about for them. As for the status... if you were on Facebook and you changed your statuslike that all you friends would be expressing shock. But know, your blog friends are here for you.

Elaine said...

The birds will survive for another day--after all they are wild critters. As for your good and bad news, one day at a time does say it all. Keep yourself busy, my friend, and it will make both things go easier.

Diane said...

Without a doubt it is time the eat the seedball! I am sure they are not starving if that is still there.

Glad to hear that you are still not smoking but wondering why your atatus is back to single? Have I missed something? Diane

Bill S. said...

Those winter birds will eat you out of house and home. They will show up in greater numbers after you fill the feeders. News travels fast in the bird world.

Looks like a Sharp-shinned to me.

Great post. said...

Hi Gaelyn,love your post about the birds especially the last photo of cooper's or sharp-shinned hawk,however I have never heard of that one.but it looks quite colourful.The snow always looks pretty until it melts and causes havoc. Glad you liked my Nutchy Ryme.

Martha Z said...

Ah, yes, the hawks enjoy the feeders too.
I put a fresh cake in the suet feeder before going away for a few days. I know the birds will have the other feeders empty in 36 hours. Like your seed bell, I know if they are hungry enough they will find a way to feed from it.

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