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Monday, November 22, 2010

MWT - Getting ready for “the hike”

01 GRCA Backcountry permit AZ (800x487)

Got the permit almost two months ago. Mike’s never hiked to the bottom of Grand Canyon before. We drive to the South Rim on Black Friday and have a reservation at Trailer Village for the nights before and after the hike.

02 GRCA water bottles Yarnell AZ (800x514)

Early Saturday morning we hit the South Kaibab trail down, which I’ve never hiked before, 7 miles to Bright Angel campground near the river and Phantom Ranch where we’ll camp two nights. The plan for Sunday is to hike a little ways up the box and to the Clear Creek overlook. Monday we’ll hike 4.5 miles up Bright Angel trail to Indian Garden for the night and then Tuesday the other 4.5 miles back to the South Rim.

03 Slide stopper & boot chain Yarnell AZ (800x526)

Of course, being the end of November, who knows what the weather could throw at us. There could be snow at the rim while we’re sunbathing at the bottom. So, we bought slide stoppers and boot chains just in case. Sure hate to carry the extra weight, but that beats sliding off the trail.

04 Food for canyon hike Yarnell AZ (800x600)

Almost have everything we need: tent, sleeping pads and bags, plenty of water, first aid kit, headlamp, a few clothes, trekking poles, cameras, electrolytes and most of the food.

05 Mike's backpack loaded for canyon hike Yarnell AZ (657x800)

If it was up to Mike he’d be carrying Way too many pounds and bringing the cast iron fry pan. He’s even offered to carry me which I’ll keep in mind for the trip back up. Teehee.


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Sylvia K said...

Sounds wonderful, Gaelyn, and I hope you have a wonderful trip! It sounds fantastic and I do look forward to your photos! Take care, stay safe and enjoy!!


Jim said...

Have a great trip.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Anonymous said...

So excited for you. Have fun and take care.

Happy Thanksgiving.

blog with no name said...

Your gonna love it when I do break out the skillet and start making biscuits and gravy :)
Don't worry, there will be room for you left in my pack :)

Garry Hayes said...

Have a wonderful trip! Stay warm...

Anonymous said...

Wow - that's a lot of stuff. I bet your hike is going to be amazing!

Arija said...

What an adventure, I'm glad you have the non slip soles with you and I hope all goes well and you don't need to take him up on the offer.
Isn't if great to go en deux?

Firefly the Travel Guy said...

It sounds like a super trip and I realise you need to be prepared for anything, specially this time of the year. But damn girl, thats a lot of stuff you are going to be carrying. *said with a bit of accent, finger wagging, head shaking*

Pat said...

Down I would happily go, but up....guess I'd have to. I live on a five-storey walk-up, but somehow I don't think that would be much help!

Diane said...

This sounds like a fantastic trip and I am really looking forward to your photos on your return. I hope Mike keeps to his word when you need a break LOL. Diane

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

wow wow wow! Sounds like fun - a grand adventure! Hey, if Mike wants to make biscuits just enjoy them and give him a big ole kiss 'cause you 1) didn't have to carry the pan and 2) ... he's made you biscuits! Yay!

Anonymous said...

I'm in awe, Gaelyn. Enjoy!

Diane AZ said...

How exciting, enjoy the adventure!

Katney said...

We drove to the South Rim on Black Friday once. It was worse than going to the mall. We were in line two hours before we reached a point where we could peel off and show our senior pass to get in. Good luck.

Janie said...

Looks like you're all packed up and ready for anything. Hope you have great weather and a wonderful trip.

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