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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wildlife safari at Cabela’s

01 ZA wildlife at Cabela's AZ (1024x576)
Surely I’d been transported back in time two years.  The renowned Big 5 of South Africa fame stared me in the face.  I cautioned Berta to back away.
02 Store front Cabela's Glendale AZ (1024x768)
But come on, we were at Cabela’s.
03 Inside Cabela's AZ collage (1024x576)
An overwhelmingly HUGE store providing equipment for everything sport.
04 Stuffed rattle snake Cabela's Glendale AZ (768x1024)
Although I did spend time in the hiking boot department with no satisfaction.
05 Stuffed animals at Cabela's collage (1024x576)
I had more fun checking out all the animals on display.
06 Stuffed animals at Cabela's AZ collage (1024x576)
They were everywhere.
07 Stuffed polar bear Cabela's Glendale AZ (1024x768)
Cold chill.
08 Stuffed Mt Lion on display Cabela's Glendale AZ (1024x768)
Look out!
09 Plane hanging from ceiling Cabela's Glendale AZ (1024x768)
I would have enjoyed this view.


Wanderoke said...

Hours can easily be spent there! Love that place!

Sallie ( said...

Our first Cabela's experience was an overnight stop in the RV Park at their flagship store in Sidney Nebraska. They should probably have charged us admission -- all we did was look and look! We've seen a couple others since then -- there's even a new one now one in Oregon near where we used to live!
I like the animals and the fish tanks too! So neat that you've actually seen those animals 'in real".

ain't for city gals said...

That's kind of how I describe Cabella's every time we go...overwelming...just too much stuff. Have you ever gone to Manzatita's (I think that is the name) in Prescott...they have some great hiking boots and other things. Kind of in the same strip mall where target is...

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I would just love to see this place. I am jealous! Diane

Barb said...

That's a cavernous place! I'm in the market for new hikers too - let me know what you get. (I always wore Montrails, and they discontinued my model.)


I've never been to a Cabella's but it looks like I better get myself on into one. I would like to see all that neat-o stuff. I remember being knocked out by my first Ikea store years ago in Tempe......

Diana said...

Sooooo much fun - where else can you take pictures of amazing animals like this? Great job!

Elaine said...

Isn't Cabella's Fun? I wonder if all the animals really boost their sales....

Firefly said...

I'm like "WOW!" This is an amazing place and so different from other outdoor stores. Very very interesting

Bibi said...

I visited a Cabela's in Pennsylvania and was also blown away by their 'wildlife'.

W. Latane Barton said...

Mercy, that place is scary!! Enjoyed the pictures.

Ebie said...

We have no Cabella's store here but I buy my stuff on line through them. Did not expect this so HUGE! hehehe, they gave me a visa card too!

I love their bargain caves!

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Safari Consultant said...

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