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Sunday, December 26, 2010

SS – City and country scenes

As most of you know, I don’t spend much time in cities. Yet last week when we drove over two hours to look at a 5th-wheel, then  bought it, we had to drive on freeways, basically looping around the north and east side of Phoenix. Which along with all the “suburbs” is HUGE!

01 Decorated wall Loop101 N AZ (1024x768)

Along the 101 Loop concrete walls display some very interesting and simple patterns.

02 Decorated wall Loop101 N AZ (1024x768)

Not easy to photograph at 65mph in heavy traffic.

03 Golden storm sky from SR60 S Wickenburg AZ (1024x557)

SR89 S to Wickenburg

Thank goodness the first half of the trip there is really scenic.

04 Saguaros against gray sky SR74 E AZ (1024x606)

Saguaros near Lake Pleasant

05 Golden stormy sky over Deem Hills from SR74 E AZ (1024x768)

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Karen said...

Gaahhhh! Phoenix! I hope I never have to go there ever again.

Small City Scenes said...

A new 5th Wheel--how exciting.
I stay away from big cities as much as I can. Even the small towns around here have lots of traffic--at times. And as know out here all the towns are pretty close together--not too many wide open spaces unless you go over the hump. MB

Carol said...

Is the new 5th wheel for you? Where are the pictures.

Bill S. said...

A new home? - I can live without the decorated cement and take the real things.

Happy New Year.

eileeninmd said...

I am not much of a city person either. Congrats on your new home.

Esther Garvi said...

Ah, love the freedom of the mountains as you leave the metropolis behind you! :-D

Diane said...

I also hate cities! A new 5th wheel sounds exciting is it bigger? The scenic photos are great, the concrete jungle you can keep:( Keep well. Diane

tattytiara said...

Those are genuinely attractive and interesting wall treatments - not something that can generally be said of concrete embankments!

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Ah, a trip down memory lane. Visiting my in-laws in Sun City over the years we would brave the Phoenix traffic heading hither and yon; drove to Wickenburg and Prescott and all over. I love their southwestern decor on the interstate overpasses and whatnot, and miss the saguaros and desert very, very much. You traveled on the same roads upon which we've traveled and ... wow ... I'm feeling a little nostalgic at this moment. Thanks, Gaelyn. Think I'll go hunt up my photos...

Kathie Brown said...

Gaelyn, what pretty scenery. Sure am missing it right now!

Katney said...

For a city--metropolitan area--Phoenix and its environs does a pretty good job of enhancing the freeway overpasses, ramps, and what would you call them: sidewalls? If you have to be driving in a city, it ain't half bad. You don't see much of that in other cities.

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