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Friday, October 22, 2010

Looking back towards home

01 Raibow & rain in canyon from SR GRCA NP AZ (1024x762)

OK, so I still haven’t quite said goodbye to Grand Canyon. Today, Ranger Jessica (if she’d only get a blog I’d link to her) and I went to the South Rim from Flagstaff for a lecture by Dr. Douglas Schwartz, a renowned Grand Canyon archaeologist since the 1950s. The hour long lecture was interesting, nice to hear the story of revolutionary discoveries I’d read about from the man himself.

02 Raibow & rain in canyon from SR GRCA NP AZ (1024x524)

Yet the best part of being there occurred after lunch at El Tovar. The amazing view of the canyon and looking back towards the North Rim buried under dark clouds. It is still hard to say goodbye to the canyon. But, Mike and I have a permit to hike after Thanksgiving, down the South Kaibab Trail, two nights at Bright Angel camp, up the Bright Angel Trail with one night at Indian Garden camp. Hey, that’s next month!


blog with no name said...

It's OK baby, wasn't it you coined the phrase, "Home is where you park it"?
Any place we go you make feel like home... Thank you!

Silver Fox said...

Beautiful pictures, Gaelyn. No wonder it's hard to leave!

Elaine said...

Fantastic photos! It is hard to say goodbye to a place you love so much, but it's only for a short time, and then you'll be heading back again. In the meantime, lots of other places to explore!

Arija said...

I can feel those withdrawal symptoms from afar. Glad you have that opportunity next month.
The photos are just amazing!!!!!

Martha Z said...

Your images are so magnificent it's hard to imagine they can be improved on; but then, sometimes our minds eye sees something we can't capture with the equipment we have.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures again.

giorno26 ¸¸.•*¨*•. said...

Meravigliosa foto !
Buona serata :)

Janie said...

Amazing photos, especially that first one. I'm glad you have reservations lined up for your next trip to the canyon. That might ease the transition a little.

Small City Scenes said...

Whoa---love that first shot--it is a keeper.
I would feel a little sad to be saying goodbye but you know it won't be for long and of course you will have other adventers in meantime. MB

Books Dudes Will Read said...

Stumbled upon your blog on a Google search for images of caves in Oregon to give me some mental images for a novel I'm writing. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your photos & stories. Some fabulous inspiration here! Thanks! - Kristen

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

That first pic with its rainbow is spectacular and I would think that your hike without all the people around is going to be fantastic.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Great photos, as always. Hiking next month sounds like a treasure - enjoy!

Anonymous said...

have enjoyed the N Rim posts!
i commented just now on your Toroweap post, but briefly:
1. what has the bovine impact been on desert sheep?
2. was the park successful at removing the ferel bovines from the park on the N Rim where they fouled small springs?
thanks, steve

Karen said...

beautiful! I have still never been to the South Rim. Gotta get over there someday.

Firefly the Travel Guy said...

*sigh* Beautiful. Glad you will be back to hike next month. We are waiting for the pics.

Quiet Paths said...

Those are amazing photos. The canyon is gorgeous no matter what. Look forward to the next season's installments.

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