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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Half way home

01 RV heading out of NR GRCA NP AZ (1024x767)

Last night on the North Rim it hailed. This morning started out with rain then cleared as we hooked the 5th-wheel to the truck. By 9:30 we pulled out of our home space of the last six months and made it to Jacob Lake for breakfast an hour later. It felt very weird for me to follow the RV, although I know it was in very capable hands.

02 Water on the meadows & naked fall aspen Hwy 67 N Kaibab NF AZ (1024x744)

The fall leaves are almost gone and it felt like winter creeping upon the land.

03 Vermilion Cliffs from SR89A E AZ (1024x783)

We saw some partly sunny skies for a while past the Vermilion Cliffs.

04 RV heading S towards SF Peaks under stormy sky SR89 S AZ (1024x604)

Then we headed south across the Painted Desert towards the San Francisco Peaks.

05 RV heading S into storm by SF Peaks SR89 S AZ (1024x669)

I thought we would drive into a devastating storm.

06 RV heading S into storm by SF Peaks SR89 S AZ (1024x597)

But it didn’t rain too heavy and we made into the Flagstaff KOA a little after 3pm. Sure is noisy here. I’m really not used to city traffic.

Tomorrow I’m going to the South Rim with Ranger Jessica to hear a lecture by renowned Grand Canyon archaeologist Dr. Douglas Schwartz. Just can’t get enough of this place and will be very different looking at the North Rim instead of being there. Saturday we head the rest of the way home.


Karen said...

We went out to Kaibab Lodge for lunch. It sleeted and hailed while we were out there, then rained most of the rest of the day. Only 3 more days before we leave, and we'll be following the same route you took. Gonna miss you guys!

Francisca said...

A beautiful road. Always fun to see the skies change... as if Mother Nature was entertaining you on your journey. Your earlier SkyWatch submission - sunset in Grand Canyon - is also stunning. :-)

Pat said...

What a ride. Looking forward to future posts.

Diane said...

Lovely photos, and it is good that Mike is driving ahead of you so you can show us pictures of him on the road. Great sky shots. Diane

Firefly the Travel Guy said...

I actually feel you sadness. I would really miss the place if I had to leave as well. Glad Mike is with you helping out.

Small City Scenes said...

Sad and sentimental.
what did Willie say>--On the road Again. Welp there ya go. MB

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

What a storm. It's kinda cool seeing Mike driving the vehicle out front. I agree with others here - I'm sad for you and Mike, leaving the canyon, a place that you love. I empathize. Safe journey, dear.

Amanda said...

I lived at the Flagstaff KOA Campground for about 6 months several years ago!

Arija said...

Looks a bit threatening from the photos. I am so glad you are no longer alone. Enjoy the rest of the trip.

Barb said...

I liked seeing the RV heading into the mist - a fitting ending to your stay at the Canyon. Hope you enjoy the lecture. Safe Trip!

Ebie said...

The Vermilion cliffs with the clouds look like a mirage from the distance. This is a nice shot as the road curves.

Have a safe trip.

Helena Mallonee said...

The Vermilion Cliffs picture is incredible!
As are the cookies at Jacob Lake.

Good luck heading back to your home! Hope your season finished up well.

Janie said...

You crossed some pretty scenery on your drive.
Must be strange, moving back to civilization after your sojourn at the canyon.

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