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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Carson! I miss you

01Carson at the Wind River Fleamarket Carson WA Summer 1997 (447x704)

Carson 2 months old

Thirteen years ago an adorable Labby mix puppy came into my life. I was living in the town of Carson, Washington at the time, and so he became Carson. As a traveler I’ve named other pets after places before.

02 Carson in the Muddy River Gifford Pinchot NF WA Summer 1998 (651x575)

Carson 1 year old, Muddy River Washington

How he loved to swim and play in the water.

03 Carson & Gaelyn on beack south of Orik CA from Mike Hagen Sept 1999 (584x378)

Carson 2 years old, Orik California

Yet the ocean waves seemed to intimidate Carson but that didn’t stop him from playing fetch on the beach.

04 Carson with new toy Dec 2007 (1024x938)

Carson 10 years old

Or in the house.

05 Motsy and 1 day old puppies Eagles Cliff  WA Sept 1998 (919x683)

9 one-day old puppies

Carson became a young, one year old, father with the local hussie sweetie who was the same age. Actually Motsy was a fine beauty of collie and Australian sheepdog so he could have done worse.

06 Carson in Lake Creek Siskiyou NF OR Summer 2003 (703x1024)

Carson 6 years old, Lake Creek Oregon

Maybe because Carson was born in the Pacific Northwest he didn’t adjust well to desert life.

07 Gaelyn & Carson San Felipe Baja MX Feb 2005 (1024x668)

Carson 8 years old, San Felipe Mexico

Yet he’d still hike with me up rocky mountains.

08 Carson at trailhead East Rim viewpoint GRCA AZ June 2008 (759x1024)

Carson 11 years old, Grand Canyon

Even as he got older.

09 Carson enjoys the Yarnell AZ spring sunshine March 2008 (1024x767)

Carson 11 years old, Yarnell Arizona

Because he knew nap time would come later.

10 Carson Oct 2005 (1024x768)

Carson 8 years old

Carson gave me the best, unconditional love.

11 Carson Yarnell AZ Nov 2008 (768x1024)

Carson, 2 months before he crossed the rainbow bridge

We aged together. Carson would have been 13 today. Think I’ll go throw a tennis ball for him to chase.  Happy Birthday Carson!


Diane AZ said...

What a wonderful life Carson had with you. Precious pictures!

Craver Vii said...

A good dog is something really special.

Bill S. said...

A great set of memories for you. The loss of a friend leaves holes in our lives. Great post.

Diane said...

Wonderful pictures and great memories. Why do animals have such short lives? They become part of the family and then you have to say goodbye. I type this in tears as I think of my family that I have had to say goodbye to over the years. Diane

Janie said...

Aw, how sweet. This post makes me miss my lab mix, Molly, who crossed the rainbow bridge in 2006. I know she's waiting somewhere for us to come play with her.

Anonymous said...

Your Carson and my Autumn have already met. Fancy them finding out we know each other.

Carson looks so old, gently and tired in the last photo. Autumn was like that too.

Barb said...

Gaelyn, This brought a tear to my eye. My Golden Girl Breezy is probably romping and rolling with Carson - she's gone 5 years now, but I still miss her a lot.

Loran said...

I've had animals all my life and have cherished all my relationships with them. There are a few that remain in my heart still. That's just the way it is. It's hard to lose them but not worth not loving them in the end.

blog with no name said...

Watching Carson age through out those photos has made a huge lump in my throat... I never met him but I find myself loving him none the less! I hope some day we can get the chance to be blessed by someone like him!

Elaine said...

Carson will be in your memory always. Some animals carve a special place in our hearts and it is so hard when they leave us. I like your phrase, the rainbow bridge. It paints a beautiful word picture.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I am sorry sorry you lost him Gaelyn but you have such wonderful memories stored up of your time together. Pets like this are so special.

Now your pet's name is Mike is it? :) Keep him on a leash will you. LOL!! Please dont show him this comment or else I will be in BIG trouble. LOL!!

Firefly the Travel Guy said...

You seem to have such fantastic memories of him. I actually have tears in my eyes reading this. Good memories and may he life on in your's

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Dang it. I am awakened WAY too early this morning by two infuriating pups. Baylee and Snoop whining and whimpering and wanting me to wake and feed them and let them out. Bleary-eyed and cussing and threatening to find them new homes, I let them outside, give them food and fresh water, grumbling the whole time, reminding them grumpily of my lost sleep. Logging on and reading this reminds me how lucky I am that they're here. I love these two goofballs ... despite my lost sleep. Dang it. Okay, I'll cut 'em some slack, Gaelyn. (Happy Birthday, Carson)

tainterturtles said...

Your Carson story brought tears to my sweet. I loved your picture caption, he crossed over the "rainbow bridge."

Small City Scenes said...

Aw Sweet tribute to a great dog. Isn't it funny how his color changed. I had a pup an aussie mix I named Calico because of the color and she changed to the color of Carson.
Hey I know where Carson Wa. is---not too far from here--I mean I have driven right on by. LOL MB

Anonymous said... must be a very special bond to have with a sweetie like Carson.....hugs...Michelle

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