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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Projects past and present

Shells from Padre Island, Texas, and water bird skull from the Salton Sea, California
I collect things, lots of things, too many things. I love my gifts from the earth the best.

Almost empty living room
I’ve been emptying the 5th-wheel to give it a good scrubbing and paint the ceiling, in between way too much time online.

Just one stack
Upon digging into the deepest corners I’ve rediscovered things I haven’t seen since I moved in five years ago. Plastic tubs mostly full of feathers, rocks, shells, bones, antlers, leather, furs, gourds, and crochet thread. I’ve used pieces of these things for craft projects in the past and may need them again. I didn’t empty the bead cupboard, it’s tightly packed, closed and contained.

Personal jewelry
Then there’s the jewelry I also collect, some for personal wear, and some for future resale which I call my retirement. Plus all the dust collectors I wrapped and packed when moving from the Grand Canyon. And let’s not forget books.

What to do with it all?

Piles of stuff
I really like Ruth’s idea at Body Soul and Spirit about simplicity. I’ve tried to simplify, after all I live in a 27x8 foot RV. Now I’m looking at these piles of stuff and wondering how it all fit.

Actually, I’m procrastinating the “scrubbing” part of this project. Does anybody LIKE cleaning?


Eve said...

I know I don't (like cleaning, that is)!! ;)

WOW - how do you manage to have so many fantastic items packed into such a compact space? We actually haul around a cargo trailer that is filed with everything we own that should belong in a house. We call it our 'garage' and keep it out at the airport so we can get into it now and then! :)

Janie said...

Cleaning is the worst. But sorting through the accumulated "treasures" is a close second.
No matter how big or little my storage space is, I've always managed to have it overflowing. I think this has something to do with the law of entropy.

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

I saw your link from one of my bloggie friend.

WoW! so interesting things in here. I guess I missed a lot.

Thanks for sharing and I will for sure come back often to gather more knowledge of everything you're sharing the bloglandia.

Have a blissful week-end.

Martha Z said...

All of that was in the fifth wheel? How did you find room for you?
I understand about procrastinating, I keep putting of cleaning out the storeroom. There are so many much more interesting things to do.

Jenn Jilks said...

I always feel better once it is done!
Having moved both homes and classrooms at least once per year for the last 10, I keep thinking of the things I passed on to others.
But I know my daughter will appreciate it at some point in time. :-)
I spent months cleaning out my parent's place.

Anonymous said...

We can take the things we believe we pocess to Heart, and we can truly feel what they mean to us. And by merging with their essence, they will always be with us. Then their physical value suddenly vanishes. We have become enriched.

Lisa Wilson said...

I do not like cleaning! We are moving to a condo in three weeks and I can't seem to get motivated to pack or clean the apartment.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

If people ask me I always tell them I do not have much...then comes the time to move and I find I have boxes and boxes of stuff and wonder where I find the cupboard space to fit it all in.

Anonymous said...

I am quite impressed that this all fit in your RV. This does show that you were able to live quite efficiently, tucking everything in its own special place.

I know the feeling, its hard in ways to let go of our treasures we have found along the path of life. I started doing a practice. I go through my things, and sit with them for a moment. I might still love that item, and enjoy remembering finding it in its own special way. But then I ask myself, is this serving me any more. Do I truely see myself using this in the next year. Have I used this within the last 1 to 5 years? If I answer no to any of these questions, I thank it, and pass it along in what ever way seems fit to another person that will love and use it.

I still have more stuff than I have space for at times, but I have been able to thin things out, to allow new items and energy into my life. It has been a good process.

dAwN said...

Oh my..its amazing how much we can fit into our homes on wheels...Jeff and I have to go thru our belongings several times a year to make sure we dont get too much...but ..luckily we have family members that can store some of our excess belongings.

Small City Scenes said...

Yes how did all that fit in there. Amazing isn't it and I bet you can't get it all back in. My room is so full of my treasures.

I love that first photo--the one of shells and bird skull. I love the shadow of the skull. The shadow looks Coastal. MB

Gill - That British Woman said...

that was my question too, how on earth do you manage to fit all of that in such a small space?

Gill in Canada

Diane AZ said...

That bird skull shadow is beautiful! When I'm actually cleaning, I enjoy it, but I'm not good at organizing and keeping junk out of the way.

Rambling Woods said...

It is hard to pack everything away in a small area and then to be able to find it again. Our former house was much smaller and I actually made a diagram of the basement and drew and labeled all the bins I had so I would be able to find it all again.. a map of my own basement...

Firefly said...

I have to force myself not to collect everything I see. I do have small collections of interesting stuff, but I am working hard not to collect too much stuff. You will have to get a permanent store room somewhere.

RuthieJ said...

Love your jewelry collection looks like you're the only person I know who has more jewelry than I do!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Gaelyn: I tend to keep things, I must be at least part pack rat.

squirrel said...

Oh yes, I can relate. I love to also collect stuff. They just find their way into my pocket on the way home. It is amazing. Lately I have been trying to make small displays of things to donate to the park nature center. Good luck on it all.

Ruth said...

lol! it is so much more fun to spend time online than to go through stuff. Simplify is my goal but it will take a lifetime for me to achieve it.

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