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Friday, June 19, 2009

Hiking a piece of the Arizona Trail

A long line to get into Grand Canyon National Park
After two gray rainy days off work, Thursday the sun broke through at least some of the clouds and I finally went hiking. Just east of the entrance station a one mile section of the Arizona trail wanders through the forest.

Arizona Trail
“The Arizona Trail is a continuous, 800+ mile diverse and scenic trail across Arizona from Mexico to Utah. It links deserts, mountains, canyons, communities and people. Currently 95% of the trail is complete.” From their site.

At almost 9,000 feet (2,743 m) the forest is a diverse mix of fir, aspen and ponderosa pine.

Splintered trunk giving me the Peace sign
The trail is called a two-track, for obvious reasons.

Aspen leaves rattle in the wind
The temperature was perfect for hiking, about mid 60sF (19C), the clouds moved in and out with the possible threat of rain, and the light breeze brought the Aspens to life. Aspen leaves have flat stems that allow leaf movement at the slightest breeze. Thus called Quaking Aspen.

Scat from maybe coyote.

Wonder who lives in there?
There was evidence of animals.

Black Headed Grosbeak
Birdsong filled the air. Illusive little buggers that they are.

Mountain Short Horned Lizard
This little lizard posed on the trail for me. (Does it look a little like the sterling silver pin I bought last week?]

Quartz in limestone
Of course I had to look at the rocks along the way.

Which way did I go?
It took me over an hour to arrive at the junction where the Arizona trail continues north. I know, only a mile, but I do walk very slowly and took over 100 photos. Just be thankful I didn’t share them all. But there’s more coming from this little hike.


Photo Cache said...

I wish I have time to visit all the places you've featured here. Maybe when I retire.

Jazz said...

So you can hike this trail from Mexico to Utah? I wonder if anyone ever did the whole thing in one time...

2sweetnsaxy said...

Looks like it was a great hike and the shots are great. I really like that third picture of the very tall trees and that gorgeous sky.

Margaret Ann said...

NIce blue sky capture through the tall aspen...Looks like a fabulous hike! :)

Diane C. said...

I love your peace sign tree trunk and quaking aspen video. Yep, I thought of your silver pin when I saw that horned lizard. The face on that guy sure looks serious.

Louise said...

Must-do hike! My favorite pictures at the TALLLL trees against the very blue sky and the cute lizard!

Carolyn said...

Gaelyn you can take me on your hikes anytime you want. Great post and wonderful diverse. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Darn but I wish I could have been with you on this hike Gaelyn!! My hikes dont cover a lot of miles either as I am too busy exploring every nook and cranny along the way.

That sure does look like the pin you bought. :)

Karen said...

Ok, so now I know what I am going to do on Monday. This is a beautiful place, everywhere you go.

Anonymous said...

Thank heavens for you and those pictures. How else could I hike that trail with you?

RuthieJ said...

What a pretty hike! You sure saw a lot of neat things.

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