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Friday, June 26, 2009

Fun in Flagstaff

Abert Squirrel (cousin to Kaibab) out the camper window
It was an interesting and mostly fun three plus days. Yes, I had to spend an extra night in Flagstaff due to the broken vent incident at the tire store. Flagstaff RV slipped me between customers and did a fine job replacing the roof vent. However, the glue that seals everything has to set for eight hours and not get wet. I was told that late yesterday afternoon as it started to rain. The vent is covered with plastic and I’m back at the KOA in the same site Berta and I stayed in for the two previous nights.

Berta at Salsa Brava
Our first night in town we went to Salsa Brava for dinner at the recommendation of a KOA employee. Very good. They have a salsa bar with at least six kinds of salsa from mild to increasingly hot. Can’t remember what the special was called, three small soft corn tortillas with marinated pork, tomatoes, avocado and an awesome white sauce.

Old Town San Francisco Street Flagstaff
Got a little shopping in Wednesday afternoon.

Howard Johnson’s Railway Restaurant along old Route 66
Thursday morning we had to drop the truck/camper off at 8am. The parts weren’t in yet. So afterwards breakfast we went shopping.

Where I bought some cool sterling silver jewelry that I’ll show you later.

At noon I was told the job would be done by 2pm and we were there. But, the glue on the vent had to set for 8 hours and not get wet. Great, it was raining. They covered the vent with plastic and I returned to the KOA. Berta had to head home.

KOA camp
I miss a day of work today, but caught up on blog reading last night. This morning I’m going back to the Flagstaff RV to have them remove the plastic, I have no tall ladder with me and don’t feel like crawling up on the hood. Then grocery stock up and hit the road back to the canyon.


Camels & Chocolate said...

I love Flag! We used to go there on our one day off a month!

Karen said...

OH, I loved Salsa Brava, it was delish when we ate there.

Erin said...

happy everything has been resolved but not good about missing a day of work...i am thinking that that bothered you.

looking forward to seeing your finds.

take care

Jazz said...

I've been to Flagstaff once. I loved it. There was this great place where we'd go to breakfast...

Louise said...

We pass through Flagstaff at least once a year on the way to our western travel destination. But just pass through. I'm loving that San Francisco Street! Maybe we'll have to pass through more than the edge next time.

Indrani said...

Great to see your problem was solved, I am keen to see the jewelery though. :)

RuthieJ said...

Hi Gaelyn,
I'm glad you got your camper fixed--even if it did take some extra time. It sounded like you used your extra time wisely though. I'm looking forward to the pictures of your new jewelry too!

Rambling Woods said...

It would have to be the mildest salsa there was for me...LOL

Quiet Paths said...

I've haven't been there for years and years; thanks for the nice narrative too. It looks like fun, fun.

Diane C. said...

I can't believe all these great posts you've done while I was gone for a few days. I've never been to Flagstaff, but you make it look fascinating. I love all the pine trees and, of course, Albert Squirrel.

Anonymous said...

Don't miss PEPPER at the Orpheum Theatre next week on the 18th! Reggae and rock rolled into one. CANNOT wait.

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