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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Water flows in the Desert

Storm building over the Painted Desert to the north
I always feel blessed and in awe when rain comes to the desert.

Rain covers the diminishing Echo Cliffs to the east
On the drive home the storm built rapidly.

Breaking over the Vermillion Cliffs to the west
Yet already I could see a break where the sun struggled to burn through.

Vermillion Cliffs to the west
And it conquered as the clouds continued to carry their wet load away.

Colorado River in Marble Canyon to the northeast
Look closely up river to see the sediments of the Paria River mixing with the Colorado.

The Colorado River suffers the lack of sediments because the Glen Canyon Dam holds them back.

The mix creates an interesting pattern.

All the little side creeks were flowing towards the mighty Colorado.

But the sun shone on the meadows as I returned towards Grand Canyon.


mountain.mama said...

That's a cool series of shots, it made me remember the storms in New Mexico--real gully-washers!

Jazz said...

A rainstorm in the desert. Beautiful

Quiet Paths said...

I loved this series of pictures. What an interesting sight that must be. In the summer we get sweeping storms like that too but not to that degree.

Karen said...

I saw that storm up close and personal--it poured rain and hail on me as just as I got to my duty station, and rained for about an hour.

The Good Life in Virginia said...

a fab series of captures ms. enjoyed each and every one.
i am trying to cool off after mowing. it is still beastly hot here and there is some humidity in the mix.
take care

Rambling Woods said... seems that man has so many ways to mess with nature and to cause a problem..

Carol said...

I love the red cliffs after a rain.

Sally in WA said...

Wow! Great series of photos!

RuthieJ said...

Every view is a picture postcard! Do you remember the magazine "Arizona Highways?" My parents used to get it--we loved looking at the pictures and there you are living it! Thanks for sharing Gaelyn.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I think it must sem to dry up as fast as it falls. I love the rain at anytime myself and it is the perfect weather to go game viewing in as the animals are very active although I am always hearing people complaining about it.

Yes I had a good weekend thanks. And you? I went to a local dam and just walked and lazed around. I needed to get out from behind those four fours even though it was so cold.

Janie said...

You captured the beauty of storms in the west, engulfing the vast terrain. Interesting photos of the Colorado and the streams entering it.

Anonymous said...

This place is absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous said...


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