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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Survived Mexico

Border crossing into Algodones Mexico

Arrived in Algodones early and walked about. Everything is so colorful and ornate.

Courtyard to hang out in

Dentist removed stitches and ground the lower dentures which brought immediate relief. Done in 30 minutes and now I shouldn’t have to go back for at least 5-6 months for possible realignment.

One of many carved benches in the courtyard

Went to lunch and tried to chew a chili rellenos. Not. Back to beans and rice.

Outside dinning

Got in line to cross the border and it took longer to leave Mexico than to visit the dentist.

The line to leave was over two blocks long

It will be a while before I’m chewing a good steak. So tonight I’m going to try spaghetti.


Erin said...

good news...take care.

Karen said...

Does it always take that long to cross the border there? Or was this only because it was a holiday? I can not wait to go! Oh, and I know you will be feeling better and eating everything soon.

2sweetnsaxy said...

It's been a while since I crossed the border. Back then it didn't take so long. Hope you'll be chewing on that steak soon.

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