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Monday, November 3, 2008

Off to Mexico

Wish I could say it’s for fun. Instead, it’s the dentist office again. Tomorrow they pull what’s left of 18 teeth and put in dentures. I’m told I’ll be in pain for a week, soft food and liquid diet. Yet I’m also told I’ll have a beautiful smile and will soon be able to chew again. It’s only a week.

Don’t forget to VOTE! I’m getting to the poles even if I have to crawl.


Anonymous said...

"I Voted" early on Friday.
Looking forward to seeing that new smile.

Karen said...

"Only" a week can seem like a lifetime when you are in pain. Be sure to get lots of pain meds, and lots of soft foods and liquids. Ouch! I feel it when just thnking about it.

Erin said...

oh my...i cannot even imagine the tormet you are going through with this whole teeth ordeal. take care and my thoughts are with you.

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