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Monday, November 3, 2008

My World Tuesday - The gypsy life of a seasonal park ranger

For the last 12 years my world has changed about every six months. As a seasonal park ranger I usually work only six months of the year during late spring, summer and early fall. And, I work in some of the most beautiful places in the world, still limited to U.S.A.

Mount Saint Helens 1992
I started my career as a park ranger naturalist while attending WWU during the early 1990s after I’d taken a class in Interpretation. My internship was a summer at Mount Saint Helens National Monument 12 years after the big eruption. After graduation, I returned for four more summers to learn and share the never ending stories of Mt St. Helens, a landscape in amazing recovery. I found it almost unbelievable to

see the subtle changes that occurred daily.

Spirit Lake

When the mountain blew on May 18, 1980 I was planning a wedding in Illinois. Where were you?

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Next week, what I learned about salmon.


Baruch said...

Very impressive mountain. May 1980 ... I was still very much single

Anonymous said...

I don't remember hearing about this in 1980. I will have to google.

Spirit Lake looks beautiful.

AphotoAday said...

What a job you must have...
I have relatives in Washington State, so they went through Mt. Saint Helens -- the sent samples of the ash and everybody had great fun playing with it...

Klaus said...

Wonderful post - and an great way of life, too!
Cheers, Klaus

Anonymous said...

That would have been my first Spring in Florida. Been here half my life now.

fishing guy said...

Gaelyn: What a neat post, while I remember the explosion and watching it on TV I have no mental tie to 1980.

Erin said... may 1980 i do believe i would have been returning from graduate school back to home in southern california.
i do remember saint helen's blowing her was quite a news item on the west coast.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

WOnderful photo's and what an interesting job to have, stunning landscape

Jeanne said...

What a great thing to get to do and you must see such beautiful places. Those two shots you shared are breathtaking, I've neve been to that part of the country.

Arija said...

What a wnderful lifestyle being a park ranger and getting to spend your life in the most beautiful surroundings.

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