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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blown away

High winds at Grand Canyon.

I was almost blown away at work today as I walked out the Bright Angel Point trail. I had secured my Ranger hat with a strap under my ponytail so it wouldn’t be blown away into the canyon. A gust hit, I grabbed a tree, and thought this must be how the flying nun felt the first time she flew.

I was blown away this morning listening to NPR about the scary state of the world economy. Where’s all the money? Who’s got it all? I really don’t get it. Except that at this time I’m glad I’m already poor as I have less to loose.

I’m blown away watching the political campaign when all is hear is ugly and denial. How can I trust these guys.? Don’t they work for “we the people”?

I’m blown away that the ignorance of discrimination by “race” is still an issue in this melting pot called America. Aren’t most of us immigrants?

I’m blown away by all the corruption?

I’m blown away that I’m ranting about all this here.

I’m also blown away by the breathtaking beauty of the Aspens.

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Karen said...

Very nice picture, where was that taken?

I am blown away by the stupidity of people who were "going to vote for Hillary", but who now will not give their vote to Obama just because he is the wrong color. Oh, they give other reasons, but because I know these people so well, I know their true reason.

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