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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gold Rush Days in Wickenburg

01 Horse drawn buggy at Gold Rush Days Wickenburg AZ (1024x768)
Need a lift?  You could ride the buggy around town, or back to your car.
Or ride along with Geogypsy to admire the work of western artisans at Gold Rush Days by clicking here.


Diane said...

It would be no good me going there, I would come home broke, and not have the space to put all my buys anywhere! LOL I quite fancy a ride on the buggy :) Diane

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Time was when we would go to any and every fair or festival that presented itself! We're a little more choosy nowadays. (or maybe just a little more lazy). The one you shared here looks like fun. (And what, you don't have room in your wheel estate for an 8 foot sculpture? ;>)!!)(One of the things I loved about our RV was that it came pre-decorated!)

Ruth said...

I have always wanted a bonsai, but they are really expensive at our local garden centres. I like the selection in your photo.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Looks like fun. I like looking a lot more than buying. I got lots of stuff, I don't need any more stuff but I still love looking.

TravelingLongdogs said...

Looks like a really fun time.

Ebie said...

I always have fun at festivals, especially the food department!

Bonsai would be great to take home, and just like you, I do not have a green thumb.

Thérèse said...

The last one was at the Heard Museum in Scottsdale Az.
Here I would have been tempted by a walking stick!

Pat said...

I want a walking stick and a poncho.

Martha Z said...

Jules would have taken home one of those bonsais. It is amazing how many he has killed but he keeps trying. Trying to kill them you ask? Sometimes I think so.

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