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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wagner Road Ranches

01 Weaver Mts from Wagner Rd AZ (1024x768)
Big ranches encompass probably millions of acres between Yarnell and Prescott, Arizona, many of them owned by Rex Maughan. A couple weeks ago...
02 Maughan Ranches sign at jct SR89 & Wagner Rd AZ (1024x870)


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

It's amazing to me that so many huge ranches exist.

Up in Idaho up the canyon from my Aunt and Uncle's ranch a Dupont heir has a huge ranch with a full time staff. He shows up for a week once a year to hunt praire grouse with his falcons.

He didn't like the sound of the electric generator so he paid Utah Power and Light several million dollars to build a substation and lay about 15 miles of line to his ranch.

I've met him, real nice guy, but a total trust fund dude.

Very generous though, he has a couple snowcats and donates there use to ranchers who have to feed their cows during blizzards.

Bonnie said...

I wanted to check it out, was stumped initially but finally figured out its Wagoner road, looks like a road trip I'll have to explore!

blog with no name said...

It was a sweet ride... The bridge was really cool

Pat said...

Thanks for the ride...I thoroughly enjoyed these mega-ranches, which I didn't realize still existed. I'm now going to check out Rex.

Camels & Chocolate said...

If you ever pass Orme Ranch on the way to Prescott (it's in Mayer as you get off I-17), wave for me! I worked there for a couple summers and Prescott was the closest "city" so we'd do our Wal-Mart/supply runs there.

Just Jane said...

That is some unbelievably gorgeous country.

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