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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Boating on Lake Powell–Day 1

01 Lake Powell UT pano (1024x306)
Boating on Lake Powell felt like a possibly endless experience with so many side canyons to explore.  Read more here.


RoeH said...

I have always wanted to have a houseboat and just float away my life on Lake Powell. Incredible beauty.

Dawn Fine said...

I Love it there! We rented a houseboat with another family..had a blast! Glad you had a great time! Look forward to more photos!

ain't for city gals said...

There are so many beautiful places to see in Arizona...most of them practically right out our front door!

Quiet Paths said...

What a fantastic trip. It looks perfect for a kayak too if the wind doesn't come up.

Small City Scenes said...

Oh my! is about all I can say.
Excellent photos, well excellent everything.

Sorry I don't get on the computer much anymore but as you know when you have that SO in your life other things seem more important I reckon. MB

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

What an adventure. It would be easy to get lost without the map and numbered buoys.

Carole said...

I'm always happy to read about Lake Powell. I've had many good times there. You can so easily get lost in the labyrinth, so buoys and a good map are necessities. Looks like you had a fabulous adventure. BTW, I tried clicking on your links to other blogs and only got gibberish. Not sure what the problem is.

Pat said...

I can see why your senses were on overload. Such of them reminds me of Australia's Uluru (Ayers Rock). 190 million years ago...makes me feel so

Diane said...

Wow those photos are tremendous, it must have been an amazing 3 days. Diane

Powell River Books said...

Looks like a fun place to boat and camp. I much different lake than our Powell Lake. We are all granite cliffs and forests. - Margy

gumo said...

Incredible! What a treat for all of us to enjoy. It looks like the lake has recovered somewhat from years of drought. I can't wait to see your wonderful trip to Rainbow Bridge.

Tammie Lee said...

that does look like a wonderful place to camp! I enjoy seeing summer images as we slide from autumn into winter here.

Unknown said...


Betty Manousos said...

wow, such a gorgeous landscape!
what an adventure! i'd be ever so happy to live this.

lovely shots!

Unknown said...

This is something I have always wanted to do, it just looks like an amazing landscape and your great pics really show that.

Ernie Hendrix said...

What a beautiful, beautiful place and I can't think of a better way to experience it than to spend 3 days camping and floating around on a houseboat. I'm so envious, this is exactly the kind of thing I would love to do. I'm enjoying your adventures.

(Ms.) Ernie
Gypsy Gold Studio

Firefly the Travel Guy said...

I can imagine that you can truly get lost in yourself cruising around like this and camping on the banks of the lake. *sigh* On the other hands it must be boiling hot on that water in summer.

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Martha Z said...

A wonderful way to celebrate a birthday. It was cold and cloudy when we went to Rainbow Bridge but well worth it to spend the day on this beautiful lake.

trav4adventures said...

Beautiful photos! Hubby and I need to get up there sometime!

Ruth said...

Great photos. It is unlike any lake I have ever been on.

Boating said...

The place is just breathtakingly beautiful! What lovely photographs!

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