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Saturday, June 25, 2011

It’s in the air and everywhere

01 Ponderosa pine pollen on windshield NR GRCA NP AZ (1024x768)

That’s not bug guts on the windshield. It’s Ponderosa Pine pollen.

02 Ponderosa pine pollen on truck NR GRCA NP AZ (1024x751)

And this year it’s everywhere.

03 Ponderosa pine NR GRCA NP AZ pano (321x1024)

Including up everyone’s nose which is causing more allergy problems than every before. I’ve never suffered from allergies before but this year my favorite tree may be the culprit of a totally stuffed up head with lots of blowing and sneezing. (Sorry if that’s TMI.)

04 Ponderosa pine pollen producer NR GRCA NP AZ (1024x768)

Here’s the culprit.


Karen said...

Oh, I know! I was outside and a gob of it fell on me, it was like a tiny yellow paintball. Disgusting.

Diane said...

I almost wish I was sneezing - our tree that causes the problem looks very dead this year. The lack of rain is not good..... Diane

Jo said...

Oh my, that is a real globby gob! The pollen looks very pretty.I hope your allergy clears up soon. (((Hugs))) Jo

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Oh, my heavens!!! Even paradise has its limitations, eh? Pollen is the bane of my existence every spring but goodness - that is some more pollen! Hope this passes soon and you can get some relief.

Diane AZ said...

The little cones with pollen are very attractive against the green pine needles. But what a mess they're making and allergy attacks are no fun!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

reminds me of the movie where giant tomatoes are coming.

I have a different pine cone in my blogspot blog. it is rounded like an egg

Elaine said...

That looks miserable! We always get a lot of birch pollen, and right now the cottonwoods are covering things with their big globs of cotton.

Firefly the Travel Guy said...

I often struggle with hayfever, so I'm sure I would be sneezing along with you.

Janie said...

Uh-oh. Pine pollen gets my allergies going, too.

Ed said...

Pine pollen is one of the very few that I'm allergic to. It probably bothered me slightly all my life but I was not exposed to massive amounts until is spent a week in the Black Hills.

It covered everything like a coat of paint, that is when I found out I was allergic.

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