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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Road trip through West Texas

Day two on the journey home.

01 Oscar sitting on bed Del Rio TX (768x1024)

Oscar waited patiently…

02 Hidden Valley RV Park Del Rio TX (1024x768)

…while I strolled around the Hidden Valley RV Park in Del Rio, Texas taking photos.

03 Bridges SH90 W TX (1024x768)

If it seems like a reverse of the trip south almost two months ago, it is.

04 Inspection Station SH90 W TX (1024x676)

Back through the inspection stations.

06 Pecos River crossing SH90W TX (1024x768)

Across the Pecos River.

07 Windmill SH90W TX (1024x768)

Past vast landscapes, ranches from the past and present.

08 SH90W approaching Marathon TX (1024x768)

Then finally the hills of northwest Texas…

09 Evidence of fire along SH90W east of Alpine TX (1024x753)

…and evidence of recent fire just outside Alpine.

10 Train along SH90W TX (1024x723)

Today’s long journey took me 312 miles to Van Horn, Texas. Hoping to cross the Arizona border tomorrow.

11 Sunset from KOA Van Horn TX pano (1024x625)


Karen said...

I know you will happy to be back in AZ. I am so looking forward to you getting here.

Janie said...

Texas is a huge state with a lot of empty spaces to cross through. Hope the rest of your trip goes smoothly.

Nina F said...

Nice road cuts at the Pecos River!

Diane said...

I am sure you will be happy to have crossed that border. You will feel closer to home then. Diane

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Big vistas. Makes me almost miss west Texas.

RoeH said...

I went through Texas once and thought I'd never get through it. It just went on and on. And on. BIG state.

trav4adventures said...

I know how much you have missed Arizona. I went through this with my mom. It was very emotional to have to clean out her house...lots of memories there.

Betty Manousos said...

texas landscape looks great!
i love the train photo and sunset photo, too.

take care

betty xx

Splendid Little Stars said...

fun views from the road! You must be "home" by now.a

Kathie Brown said...

Love that last shot!

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