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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sweet tweet

01 Harris' Sparrow Mom's carport San Benito TX phone (816x624)

While sitting outside under Mom’s carport having a cig (yes, I’m smoking again, too much stress down here) I spotted two Harris’ sparrows (I think) making a nest in the gutter. I only had my phone to take photos and this before I learned not to zoom with it.

02 Harris' Sparrow Mom's carport San Benito TX phone (816x624)

Both the male and female were sitting on the swirl, one on top and the other inside. But do you think I could catch that, no.

03 Harris' Sparrow Mom's carport San Benito TX phone (816x624)

Yet I thoroughly enjoyed enjoyed their antics as they build a home.

04 Harris' sparrow San Benito TX phone (1024x768)

Including the male’s rope dance.


eileeninmd said...

Gaelyn, I find birdwatching to be very relaxing. Neat sight to see the Harris Sparrows building their nest.

Carolyn said...

Birds are wonderful to watch. I'm looking forward to getting into the cabin as a window was deliberately put in as a "bird" window so I can sit and bird watch. Take care of yourself.

I.M. Vayne said...

I.M. glad ya didn't catch that there swiral. Ya got enuf goin' on in yer life that you don't need to be comin' down with somethin' else to hafta be a fightin' that off also.

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE having birds around to watch. They each have such amazing personalities, and its endless entertainment! I love your photos of them in the swirls and on the rope.

Martha Z said...

He's very entertaining on that decorative metal.
So sorry about the stress, I hope you can give up the cigs when you get home.
I see Texas is expecting high temps, here in Bryce 14 is expected tomorrow.

Janie said...

Nice captures, Gaelyn. I like the rope dance.
Try not to get too stressed out down there.

Small City Scenes said...

Birds can be so much fun to watch. He sure was performing for you. MB

Camels & Chocolate said...

Pretty birds! (Now stop smoking! =) )

Barb said...

You're still in TX? Hope all is well. Glad when you can destress. (Or at least have less...)

Unknown said...

Nicotine is so addictive ... and for a reason. Or so I am told. I've always like the smell of cigarette smoke in outdoor air for some strange reason I cannot explain.

Ed said...

If it is stress that makes you want to smoke then I suggest you eliminate the stress then try to quit smoking.

You need to know why you smoke before you can quit. Devote some serious time to finding out why and it will then be easier to stop.

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