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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Knysna Heads South Africa

01 N2 W Knysna Garden Route Western Cape ZA (1024x348)

Knysna, which lies in the heart of the Garden Route nestled in between the Outeniqua Mountains and the Indian Ocean, looks like a town to shop in. The sidewalks outside all the boutique-looking stores were crowded and parking limited. Instead I went for scenic overlooks.

02 Lower Eastern Head Knysna Western Cape ZA (1024x768)

I wound my way along the Knysna Lagoon and ended up at the Lower Eastern Head overlook at the mouth of the Knysna River.

03 Mussel shells in tide pool Lower Eastern Head Knysna Western Cape ZA (1024x768)

Wandered out on the rocks enjoying the sun’s warmth and the crashing waves.

04 Trail Lower Eastern Head Knysna Western Cape ZA (1024x768)

A little path called me…

05 Lighthouse into Knysna Lagoon from Lower Eastern Head Western Cape ZA (1024x795)

…for a view of the lagoon and light house.

06 Divers Lower Eastern Head Knysna Garden Route Western Cape ZA (1024x768)

This deep and narrow channel through which the sea pours in claimed the three-masted barque “Paquita” after her anchors fouled twice in 1903 and now the wreck draws scuba divers.

07 Indian Ocean & Western Head from Upper Eastern Head Knysna Garden Route Western Cape ZA pano (1024x541)

Next I followed a twisting road up to the top of the sandstone cliff and Upper Eastern Head overlook.

08 Caves in Western Head from Upper Eastern Head Knysna Garden Route Western Cape ZA (1024x698)

Across the channel on the Western Head is the privately owned Featherbed Bay Nature Reserve. Access is by boat or train to the restaurant and resort with hiking trails to the beach. Looks like a place to carefully watch the tide.

09 Train on Western Head from Upper Eastern Head Knysna Garden Route Western Cape ZA (1024x511)

The last fully operational steam train in South Africa, the Choo-Choo, has provided views of the coastline and hidden valleys inaccessible by car as it chugs across the Knysna Lagoon and beyond for 42 miles (68 km) since 1928.

10 View into Knysna Lagoon from Upper Eastern Head Knysna Garden Route Western Cape ZA (1024x521)

The Knysna Lagoon is home to the world’s only estuarine seahorse species but they’re so tiny you’re unlikely to spot one even diving.

11 Knysna Lagoon N2 W Garden Route Western Cape ZA (1024x607)

Other adventures called so I continued west along N2…

12 Red House B&B George Little Karoo Western Cape ZA (1024x768)

…to George where I spent the night at The Red House B&B to rest up for the next day’s caving and more. Future post.


Camels & Chocolate said...

These photos make me realize I didn't see nearly enough of Knysna! We were in and out so fast. Luckily, I'll be back in SA next year for a wedding so hopefully I'll be able to return there!

Jo said...

Oh this makes me want to go the the Western Cape again, Gaelyn. You describe it all so well, right to the little seahorses. Our friends have a guest house up on Hospital Hill. When you sit out on the deck and breakfast, you look over the magnificent Heads and lagoon into the sea. Breathtaking. So glad you enjoyed it. Bless you my friend. (((hugs))) Jo

Diane said...

Is there any spot on the garden route that is not beautiful? I don't thing so. Stunning photos and description. Diane

Unknown said...

I am really enjoying your tour, SA just looks like an amazingly beautiful place near the coast.

BTW I clicked and bcame your 200th Follower, I could not turn that opportunity down ;-)

Firefly the Travel Guy said...

Knysna really is a beautiful town, but it can get very busy and parking is limited, specially during holidays. The lagoon and the forest surrounding with the coastline and mountains in the distance gives it a charm which is hard to find elsewhere. We are going to camp there during the Easter long weekend and I am really looking forward to explore the area more than I have so far.

Ps, unfortunately after the 2006 floods the Choo Tjoe's track to Knysna from George was very badly damaged and the train stopped running there. It started doing trips between George and Mossel Bay, but unfortunately the railway authority has decided to stop the use of the train. The tourism people and the provincial authorities are fighting very hard to get the train back and running again.

Betty Manousos said...

Breathtaking photos and great description !
What a beautiful place!
Your pictures are as inspirational and uplifting as always.


Janie said...

What a gorgeous place. I love the path, under the arch of huge tree limbs. The rocky shore and lighthouse are so unique and beautiful.

Johnny Nutcase said...

that looks like a pretty awesome spot. That rocky shore is beautiful! Tide pools? Love the tree growing out of the rock, love when they do that! Cool!

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