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Friday, December 17, 2010


a2299 Pine sap sparkles on rock at Tuweep GRCA NP AZ

Blinded by the light. Or maybe just blind. Two days ago I got this hair brained idea about putting together a booklet of some 2010 blog posts in print form for my Mom for Christmas. Yea, I know you can pay people to do that, but…. Many hours later and only half way through the year at 28 pages I realized the cost to print this would be high. Then friend FabGrandma suggested making a calendar. Which would only require 12 photos, minimum. Great idea. I’m through September looking at the years 10,000s of photos. And I’m going blind. So what does any of this have to do with the sapquin? Just one of many images I liked along the way and hadn’t posted yet. This was taken when we went to Tuweep. And what is a sapquin you ask? Well, I’m sure you’ve heard of sequins, right. Caused by light reflecting on a shiny surface, like the sea. This is light reflected on pinyon pine tree sap sitting on sandstone. Did I mention my brain is addled?


Sally in WA said...

I think Karen is on to a great idea with the calendar.

Sapquin is pretty darn neat. Pinion pine jewelry.

Joyful said...

What lovely ideas for your mom (both the book and the calendar). If the book costs too much you can do a calendar every year and use some of those fabulous photos I'm sure you have. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Arija said...

My daughter had about 250 posts done as a book and although I thought it was a good idea,the result was not satisfying as they came out in a higgeldy piggeldy format with the oddest spacing and the colours were well and truly up the pole. On the plus side, the binding was nice.

You certainly are better of in doing a calendar.

What wonderfully clear pine sap and utterly lovely capture of it.

Diane said...

I did a calendar last year for the family and it was really appreciated. With your amazing photos it wil be fantastic.

Love the photo of the pine sap.
Happy Holidays Diane

Jenn Jilks said...

I've been doing calendars for years with my photos. It is very rewarding. I nearly abandoned it last year, but my paraplegic friend asked for one. She never gets out, and appreciates them.

Love your photos every time!

Karen said...

See, it is way easier to do a calendar. Just more difficult ot decide on which pics to use.

blog with no name said...

That Pine sap is like a jumping cactus, before long, it's all over you! :)

Martha Z said...

That is a perfect gift. Few of us need more "stuff" to find room for.
As for the cottage door, I think they made the walls of that cottage extra thick to dampen the sound of the stamp mill.

Jo said...

What a special idea and gift. Do tell us how your mum enjoys it when you've given it. I've never heard of a sapquin. Well, now I have. The most time spent in front of my laptop is when I go through photos! Have a great weekend. (((Hugs))) Jo

Anonymous said...


This photo is just stunning! I love your name for it! What a little gem.

I think the calendar will be a beautiful gift for your mom! Wow, what a task to pick 12 pictures from your collection!

Small City Scenes said...

A calendar is a great idea--My daughter made one for me several years ago and there it was on the wall by my computer for a whole year. I enjoyed it.
They is a web site you can go to (big help I am cuz I can't find it now) that does table top books for you and as I understand it the price is not TOO bad. I'll try to find it. haha!! MB

Johnny Nutcase said...

ohh very neat photo! I hear ya about going through photos! I made a book for my parents this year and a calendar and i just about went crazy ! :)

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