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Monday, November 8, 2010

“To Do” list

My friend and fellow blogger FabGrandma and her OH are settling in for winter as camphosts. So what does she do but make a winter “to do” list with all sorts, well 10 actually, of ambitious things to get done over the next six months. And then asks what others have planned. All this got me to thinking. Am I suppose to have a “winter to-do” list?

I posted this as my comment:

OMG girl, a "winter to-do" list. You are so ambitious. I can barely stir myself enough to grocery shop once a week, only driving 30 miles each way.

1. Hike down the S Kaibab trail and back up the Bright Angel. OK, have the permit for right after Thanksgiving. A good way to work off the calories.

2. Travel to TX probably January and see lots of sights and national parks along the way. Earning some more Jr Ranger Badges.

3. Digitize all, or most, of my old 1960s cassettes. That's been on this list for years.

4. Find and buy MY ideal 5th-wheel. That list is too long.

5. #9 I'm at least part way done with. Need to be more proactive, note to self.

6. Finish DVD on adventure of a lifetime to South Africa. Which was on last years list. The trip that is.

7. Think about what else needs to be done this winter.

So what’s on your “winter to-do” list?


Gaelyn said...

8. Change blog header. (check off list)

Pat said...

I can identify with #3....but most of my cassettes I've replaced with cds.

For me (though I know I won't really have time until I stop working), it's to digitalize my slides, transfer a book I wrote into Kindle format, scan and digitalize photographs, and I dunno what else...lots, probably.

A human kind of human said...

Planning sounds like a lot of hard work (lol), but then again, I have a few months before I have to plan for winter (wink). I have to start planning for Christmas though. This year the family comes to me and accommodating and entertaining that bunch takes quite some planning. Well, whatever you are planning, just make sure you enjoy it.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

After the last 3 months of lists and calendar coordination with doctors/hospitals ad nauseum I vow to NOT make a list this winter and enjoy Life as much as possible!!! Oh, well, I can say #1 is TAKE MORE ROAD TRIPS and #2 is TAKE MORE PHOTOGRAPHS! I have a list. LOL!

Jo said...

It will be nice to see Karen around your parts again. My list (for summer as Ann's above here) would be to tidy my wardrobe first and foremost. I vowed to tidy my wardrobe in Khartoum (every day I had it on my list) and put it off until the day we flew out then I swept all onto the floor, gave half of my clothes to Miriam and packed the rest. Now those clothes were removed from my suitcase the day after we arrived home and jammed into my wardrobe here at home. This [procrastinating] will keep me busy for the whole summer and leave no time for any other items on my list(LOL!) ! Have a great day. (((hugs))) Jo PS I'd love to see your dv; it will bring back good memories for you, I'm sure. PPS I love your new header. Good on you for checking one item off your list already.

blog with no name said...

WHEW!!! I thought you had a long "honey do" list for me :)

Sounds like I'm gonna enjoy most of it though!

Elaine said...

I've retired from making to-do lists!

Janie said...

I've got a few projects in the works:
retile the bathroom floor.
work on geneology.
digitize old photo albums.
Read some good books.
By then, it'll probably be spring!

Karen said...

The only reason I make my lists and make them public, is so that I don't languish the whole winter away just laying in the bed all day every day. I have to have the motivation to get up and do something.

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