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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Getting to Tuweep

01 Warning sign to Tuweep GRCA NP AZ (1024x752)

Just getting to Tuweep, or Toroweap, (which means dry valley in Paiute) proved to be a major part of the adventure.

02 Sunshine Route to Tuweep BLM AZ (1024x410)

After an hour and a half drive on pavement we hit one of the three gravel roads to Tuweep called the Sunshine Route. 61 miles (98 km) of washboard and dust.

03 Sunshine Route to Tuweep thru Antelope Valley BLM AZ (1024x760)

This “route” took us through Antelope Valley.

04 Mt Trumbull west of Sunshine Route to Tuweep BLM AZ (1024x637)

Past Mt Trumbull…

05 Lava flow along Sunshine Route to Tuweep BLM AZ (1024x768)

…which has erupted about a dozen times causing lava to flow across the land and into the canyon.

06 Tuweep Valley BLM AZ (1024x403)

Then we drove into Tuweep Valley.

07 Schultz Ranch in Tuweep Valley BLM AZ (1024x768)

Where there is evidence of ranches.

08 Sunshine Route to Tuweep BLM AZ (1024x672)

Seems like we’d never get to the canyon.

09 Sign for Tuweep Ranger Station GRCA NP AZ (1024x765)

Finally, we approached the boundary into Grand Canyon National Park.

10 Tuweep Ranger Station GRCA NP AZ (1024x535)

Where the Tuweep Ranger station is located.

11 Sunshine Route to Tuweep GRCA NP AZ (1024x768)

The road deteriorates along the last six miles of slick rock as the scenery just gets better.

12 Old road grater along Sunshine Route to Tuweep GRCA NP AZ (1024x534)

Guess this old road grater hasn’t been in operation in many years.

13 Tuweep Point from Sunshine Route GRCA NP AZ (1024x768)

We could finally see Tuweep Point.

14 Turn off for Tuweep campground GRCA NP AZ (1024x552)

And after five hours arrived at the turn off for the Tuweep campground. More coming.


Diane said...

Lovely post and great photos of amazing scenery. When was the last eruption? Those roads remind me a bit of what we used to drive on in what was then Rhodesia in the early 1950's :-) Diane

Jo said...

Oh what a lovely journey, Gaelyn. And what beautiful scenery. I've never been near to a volcano mountain. Have a great day. (((Hugs))) Jo

blog with no name said...

You big teaser! Where's the good stuff?

Anonymous said...

Spectaular! That sky is amazing. You're such a tease you know!

- Jazz

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

"Sunshine Road"? Seems like someone was joking. :)But it is beautiful and worth the awful road getting there.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing adventure! That is a long drive on a dirt road! It looks like you went through some beautiful areas though. I look forward to more pictures!

Pat said...

I love this post, and the 'metropolitan area' sign is great...

Camels & Chocolate said...

I have to say in all my travels I've never seen anything described on a road sign as "primitive." Love it!

Karen said...

Wow, these are the best photos I have seen of the trip out there. Most people only ever post the end with that fabulous view. SOmeday....

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

What an adventure. You have to be prepared and have a dependable vehicle and extra batteries for your camera.

Janie said...

It's a long trek in there. Your photos bring back memories.

Firefly the Travel Guy said...

*Gasp* What a mission to get there. But looking at the sights you had there it was well worth the journey.

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