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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Yesterday’s wildflowers on Walhalla Plateau

01 Unknown BYF Walhalla Plateau NR GRCA NP AZ (768x1024)

I’m calling it a BYF (Big Yellow Flower) that looks like some kind of sunflower (the ants like it) surrounded by LYFs. Guess I’m not very good at identifying all the wildflowers to be found here. I look them up and still can’t tell half of the time. Any suggestions appreciated.

02 Unknown LYF & Pocket Gopher burrow Walhalla Plateau NR GRCA NP AZ (768x1024)

More of the LYFs (Little Yellow Flowers). Plus a Pocket Gopher burrow for added texture.

03 Evening Primrose Walhalla Plateau NR GRCA NP AZ (755x1024)

I’ve been trying to get photos of the Evening Primrose for three summers now. They always seem to grow along the road where there’s no place to safely pull over. I only had to walk a little ways along the road from safe parking to take this.

04 Unknown LYF, Firecracher Penstemon & Cliffrose Cape Royal trail Walhalla Plateau NR GRCA NP AZ (655x1024)

Firecracker Penstemon behind some other unknown YF backed by the aromatic Cliffrose.

05 Wax currant berries Cape Royal trail Walhalla Plateau NR GRCA NP AZ (732x1024)

The Wax Currant only showed a few berries as the birds are beating me to them. But I guess that’s OK, they probably need them more than I do.

06 Indian paintbrush Cape Royal trail Walhalla Plateau NR GRCA NP AZ (1024x821)

The Indian Paintbrush is everywhere. But the Sego Lilies are pretty much gone.

07 Flowering cliffrose along Cape Royal trail Walhalla Plaeau NR GRCA NP AZ (1024x853)

I love my Fridays (actually on Saturday) when I go out on the Walhalla Plateau and rove the trails.


Zane said...

Your posts are quite inspirational - I always expect to see some barren dead land, but then you post flowers, colourful plants and other lively "things".

Most interesting!

Noel Morata said...


i enjoyed your scenic sunday post, its a really beautiful hike with all these wildflowers

my scenic post is on my sari sari blog today

Diane said...

A lovely post, I love all your wild flowers. I spent some time yesterday getting photos of sunflowers. Diane

Carol said...

Your header is beautiful. One of the things I remember about the West was the great distance...and how you could see individual storms.

Karen said...

The wildflowers here this year are gorgeous! I don't know what the yellow ones are, either.

Arija said...

What a job! Checking out wildflowers, even BYfs or SYFs once a week and wandering the trails would just be heaven.
Your photos are quite an education. One reads about it in books but seen like this it suddenly hits home that penstemon for instance, is native to Arizona. Also the low growing evening primrose.
I do so enjoy your blog my friend.

Amanda said...

Hey girl, I know it has been a while but I wanted to tell you that we are having a big lifestyle change, selling all our crap and buying a 5th wheel. We plan to be fulltimers. Can't wait to get started.

Barb said...

Love your wildflower photos, Gaelyn! I think the first big yellow is an Alpine Sunflower and the little yellow might be Cinquefoil - I tried to enlarge but it wouldn't happen... Some people just classify the yellows as DYF's (damn yellow flowers...) The Penstemon are growing abundantly on the Walhalla Plateau. I love their delicate shape.

Janie said...

Those sunflower types are so hard to identify.
You found a great variety of wildflowers!

Bill S. said...

Beautiful header and flowers. I love your posts with all the great photos.

Ruth said...

Who really cares what your BYFs and lyfs are...they are a pleasure to see. I have so many flower pictures that I think I will identify someday but I find flower guide books very confusing. And yellow is the most popular flower colour.

Firefly the Travel Guy said...

When I was a guide I used to point out LBJ's to people all the time. They are these little brown birds that fly past quickly. Little Brown Jobs. Another favorite was the "Overtheroadian" that flies in front of your windscrean.

Pat said...

I'm not good on flower names either, but admire (and pick...) wildflowers.

Diane AZ said...

What a beautiful walk that must be on the Walhalla Plateau with all those different flowers blooming. I love the picture with Cliffrose in back of the red and yellow flowers.

Splendid Little Stars said...

I love to look at all the wildflowers I see when I travel. I more often don't know the names either.

Elaine said...

Beautiful photos of some lovely wildflowers, and very different than the ones that grow here.

Quiet Paths said...

I don't always know what I'm looking at here; I've seen flowers this year I've never seen before. Or never noticed. You have a really nice variety here.

Rambling Woods said...

An alpine sunflower was left in the comment...beautiful all of them.. But I have a special place for sunflowers in my heart...

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