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Monday, February 15, 2010

My World changes with the seasons

01 5th-wheel Yarnell AZ pano (800x360)

During winter I’m a vegetable. I hunker in and spend way too much time online which saves me from spending much money.

02 Morning light over Bright Angel Canyon from Lodge GRCA AZ pano (800x351)

Come the much desired spring I return to work as a seasonal Park Ranger at Grand Canyon National Park, the North Rim.

03 Yarnell spring flowers collage (800x678)

Actually I leave Yarnell’s flowering spring.

04 SR67 South entering GRCA North Rim AZ (800x603)

To find winter still clinging to the Colorado Plateau.

05 North Kaibab Trail Roaring Springs Canyon GRCA AZ (800x600)

During training the staff hikes rim-to-rim, north to south.

06 Gaelyn at creek crossing North Kaibab Trail Bright Angel Canyon GRCA AZ (800x600)

This year will be my fourth crossing.

07 GRCA wildflowers collage (618x800)

Summer is my favorite. Flowers start to bloom in June and subtly change through July on the canyon’s rim.

08 Gaelyn with view S from Point Imperial Walhalla Plateau GRCA AZ (800x600)

I greet visitors from around the world who come to see one of the Seven Wonders of the world, Grand Canyon.

09 Rainbow in front of Saddle Mt from Point Imperial Walhalla Plateau GRCA AZ pano (800x278)

Summer monsoons bring the gift of life.

10 GRCA wildlife collage (618x800)

And wildlife abounds.

11 Sunset from Lodge GRCA AZ pano (800x282)

Rangers get paid in sunsets.

12 Fall colors Roaring Springs Canyon N Kaibab trail GRCA AZ (600x800)

When the leaves change colors and fall my work season is over.

13 Little House Yarnell AZ (800x600)

And I return to Yarnell where this winter I’ve been living in the little house with Mike.

14 Sunset Yarnell AZ 2 of 3 (800x600)

So the seasons start again.


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Japa said...

Very nice post. Somehow, all seasons has a way of effecting changes one has to adapt and devise a workaround. Have great days ahead always.

Carolyn Ford said...

I lOVE this post! I fun it would be to see you being a "ranger" there! I'll keep my eyes open the next time we visit the north rim!

LadyFi said...

What a wonderful life you lead! Love all the great photos!

Karen said...

These photos are making me homesick! I wanna be in AZ!

Oman said...

wow. these are great images. i enlarged them and they are great. thanks for sharing your world.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story of the seasons of your life! And such an amazing collection of photos to illustrate it!

Your nomadic way of life is a modern version of the Native Americans that used to live all across the continent. Perhaps you lived a past life moving across Arizona with the seasons.

Its always so wonderful to hear about all the different places you have had the chance to visit, and get to know. And what an amazing one to add to the list this spring, South Africa! That will be a great side trip before you make your way back to the Grand Canyon!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

What a wonderful and fulfilling life you have Gaelyn any chance I can join you? :) It seems to me you the best of all things and being paid is sunsets is perfect!! :)

Lianne said...

those are are beautiful pictures! you're so lucky to be surrounded by such beauty all year round. :)

Firefly the Travel Guy said...

I love this post. A short glimps into your life. Short and sweet but with tons of info. What it must be like to work and play around the Grand Canyon.

Diane AZ said...

It's wonderful to watch the seasons change through your posts and awesome photos.

Lorac said...

Gaelyn I think you have set yourself a very good life for physical and mental wellness!

Barb said...

I really enjoyed this photo essay about your trek through the seasons, Gaelyn. Hope you're feeling lots better and have solved most of your computer glitches.

Pat said...

Gaelyn, this is really one of your better posts. Very touching, and so true...except when I spend too much time online, I end up spending money, too!!

Martha Z said...

A wonderful journey thourgh the seasons of your year. Perhaps this spring you will be leaving Yarnell with mixed emotions, though.

Bill S. said...

You inspire me. My wife has gone rim to rim, but I have never been to the Grand Canyon. This summer we plan to visit - hope to meet you there. Love your posts.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

You inspire many, Gaelyn. I think you have the perfect life, and the sheer number of positive comments here sorta reinforces that opinion! Well done, dearie, well done.

Rambling Woods said...

I enjoyed this post traveling through the seasons with you Gaelyn... Michelle

Anonymous said...

Great collages and collections of seasonal photos. It came all together that gives one a feel for how you experience your life. Its very stimulating the way that you present it to us.

Loran said...

I loved this journey through your world. When do you go back to the Grand Canyon to begin the season again?

You have a lot on your plate. I have discovered that some family issues return to be dealt with even after we thought we were done. At any rate, acceptance is totally the key. What else can you do? It is what it is.

Get better and have a great trip to South Africa. Did you figure out how to get the music transferred to your netbook?

Unknown said...

What a fantastic job you have. And a great lifestyle...

Dawn Fine said...

oh Gaelyn..You have a Wonderful Life!
Hope our paths cross someday!

Jo said...

Oh I love your world, Gaelyn. So ineresting when you go across to Colorado for the spring again. I also LOVE your hat. I hope you can fit it in you luggage for SA. How are you and how is your dad? (((Hugs))) Jo

Ebie said...

I hope to see you when we visit the Grand Canyon! What a great post, your photos thru the seasons!

Quiet Paths said...

This is a really beautiful read and synopsis of your seasonal life.

Louise said...

I love your world. I know it's not perfect, but it's a dream. No dream comes without occasional hardship, and all require work, but you have an awesome job!

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