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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I would love to do what you do

I hear this all the time.
Ever think that someone else has the Ideal life? What does that mean about your own life? It’s OK to admire a lifestyle different than your own, but... 


Teri said...

I love what I am doing, if I would have consulted a financial planner, he would have said - don't do it, keep working and saving. But money is not everything. I have enough to be comfortable and will work-kamp some. Can't put a price on FREEDOM. Getting used to the "pack-it-in", but since I'm not rushed, its not a problem to have to move something to get to something behind it.

Francisca said...

You are in a different kind of 1%... the 1% that knows there is no 100% in anything, and every choice calls for a compromise. Still there is only one way to go: follow your bliss and take the sh*t that comes along with that choice. I'm on the same page, Gaelyn.

Just Jane said...

A huge part of why I am making every effort to pay off my debt is so that I can do what I love without fear of financial ruin.

One day and sooner rather than later, I'll do something akin to what you're doing. I can feel it in my thumbs.

ain't for city gals said...

If I didn't love my life so much and where I live I would be envious of yours! We have lots of people say the same thing to us.."We want to live like you guys" but they really don't...otherwise they would give up lots and lots of material stuff so that could work for themselves and stop working just to pay bills. I hope to make it up next sis-in-law is pulling in this afternoon from Colorado for four months with her trailer. She just finished volunteering for a week at the south rim of the Grand Canyon. Is it possible to meet for pizza at the Internet Cafe (I think that is the name) in Peeples Valley?...It is YUMMY!...

Diane said...

I think you have a fantastic life as a Park Ranger. But, I am also very happy with my own life. I have travelled to many places, had unusual pets, fantastic parents and a wonderful husband. Diane

Tom Carter said...

Hi I did what you do and there are times I wish I hadn't retired but I know that doing any type of job where you work with people takes compromise, even as a NPS ranger. I didn't always agree with policy and because I was outspoken I had to take alot of criticism and assaults on my character. The only time you'll be free is when you're willing to be.

Ernie Hendrix said...

I'm reasonably sure I would NOT be happier in another lifestyle than the one I have right now. Yes, I would love to have some of the experiences that you are having, but I love a lot of the experiences I've had also. Yes, there are some things I would change about my life. But there are more things that I wouldn't. I'm happy in the life I'm in and I think it's wonderful that you are happy in the life you are in.

(Ms) Ernie
Gypsy Gold Studio

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

What a great statement.

I love my job and the business I'm in. We are in a boom right now and I know that a bust of some sort is right around the corner but that is the way commodity businesses are.

I dread having to quit or getting fired. I can't see me retired sitting on my butt.

Firefly the Travel Guy said...

I envy you not necessarily for your way of life but for the fact that you are happy and doing what you love. Over the last few years I have had so many plans and wishes about stareting my own business and combining marketing tourism products with tour guiding and photography, but I have a family to think of at this stage. Luckily for me I do work in the industry I love, its just that there are other factors I would like to work out. Anyway, perhaps when my kids are out the house one day and I haven't followed my dreams yet I will hopefully be able to do so.

trav4adventures said...

Gaelyn, as hubby and I approach our "golden years", we find that we enjoy traveling more and more, especially in Arizona and the Sierra Nevada. We're trying to get our debts paid off so we are done with THAT! Maybe 5 more years to go...then, Sierras HERE WE COME! Maybe drive over to New Mexico and explore it over there, too...I love Arizona, but we've lived in the desert now for 38 years and we both want a change.

Anonymous said...

I envy your lifestyle, but in a vague, oh-that's-cool sort of way. I can't really imagine myself living like that at this point. For now, the life I have suits me perfectly, despite its annoyances (and what life hasn't got annoyances?).

Perhaps at some point it will be the time to hit the road, but i'm definitely not feeling it now.

Anonymous said...

I work full time as an internal auditor/investigator for state and federal government. (okay, more than full time)

However, I live for the days and nights I spend out on glaciers, in high camps, on the side of big mountains and navigating the rivers, trackless tundra, trails less traveled and all places in between.

I admire your spirit, your adventurous edge, your dedication to MAKING your lifestyle possible and making life your own. Life is what we make of it. Truly.

Every single one of us has the opportunity at some point to make a series of choices. Some of us choose happiness. Contentment. Satisfaction. Play hard. Work hard.
Eat clean. Live simply. Live well. Live out loud.

Anyone can do it- but so few folks actually do (and then make time to write about it and share it). So glad you're one who DOES, and delighted to share your corner of the world...

Travel on.

Arija said...

What a great post. Looking back on life, i guess there have been times when i have procrastinated, but after the fire ate up all we had achieved in 25 years of marriage, things changed. It took a fair while to drag the family out of the deep hole they had sunk into and to rebuild, at least partly. After that I pushed to follow my dream of getting out of town and having a decent natural buffer zone around me. Somehow I managed to make it happen and I am happy inn the middle of out own 500 acres, especially haing had the pleasure of sharing it with our daughter and three grandchildren. The grandkids are now young adults,yet so firmly rooted in the land that one' s long term girlfriend is a semi-permanent fixture and another's fiance has moved in as well. We have separate houses so there is no treading on toes yet there is ready companionship and a lot of young life about and we are free to travel when the spirit moves us. Yep, in the golden years of my life I am truly happy and am so glad that you are too.

Jenn Jilks said...

How wrong to envy a person their lifestyle choices!
We live simply, having chosen to give up working ALL YEAR! My retired teacher friends travel the world. WE volunteer, give back to the community, and get much back from this.
I honour your choices, Gaelyn.
You honour the rest of us by sharing your journey.
Well done.
Your photos are always amazing and I love virtually visiting you. Your respect for nature and ability to teach citiots is wonderful!
Cheers from snowy Cottage Country!

Martha Z said...

My husbands loss of his engineering job turned our life around, allowing us to spend 15 wonderful years living outside of Bishop, Ca. Just like your bankruptcy, what would have seemed like a disaster to some gave us a life that was perfect for us.

Jo said...

Wow, what an interesting life you've had and still have, Gaelyn. I always follow your "gypsy" travels with interest. Good not to be attached to goods! I love life wherever we are. We also live seasonally; we found with a three-month break last year this time, we both started champing at the bit, hoping for another expat opportunity, which we thankfully got. Your post has made all your followers realise how much they have to be thankful for. So you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, dear Gaelyn. (((Hugs))) Jo

Garry Hayes said...

I enjoyed this post, Gaelyn, and I am envious of your lifestyle, but as you no doubt have found, I am quite happy with mine. I occasionally have to deal with administrators, but teaching makes lives rich, including my own as I see my students succeed in life. And teaching geology allows me to travel to so many wonderful places, as you have seen in Geotripper!

AJ said...

Fantastic post!
Yes, I've said before I envy you your lifestyle! I would love to travel Europe and meybe even parts of the good old USA by barge... the waterways lifestyle would be my choice.
So, I dream my writing will on day earn me a few bob and allow for a similar nomadic way... we can exchange notes... from water to land!
Yep... I'll have to deal with the shit when it happens... small price to pay!
Thanks for your blogging friendship... enjoy your dreams! ;-)

AJ said...

Fantastic post!
Yes, I've said before I envy you your lifestyle! I would love to travel Europe and meybe even parts of the good old USA by barge... the waterways lifestyle would be my choice.
So, I dream my writing will on day earn me a few bob and allow for a similar nomadic way... we can exchange notes... from water to land!
Yep... I'll have to deal with the shit when it happens... small price to pay!
Thanks for your blogging friendship... enjoy your dreams! ;-)

Callie Brady said...

I'm very happy being a stay at home retired person. I don't envy anyone their lifestyle, but I do enjoy reading about their adventures and viewing their photos. Don't have the desire to travel. I guess I moved around too much when I was a child and now that I can stay in one place... that is where I want to be.

Pat said...

Dear Gaelyn, I loved your post. How very true. For the most part, I have followed my dreams, and all the more so now that I am not officially working full-time anymore. Having had cancer several years ago changed my perspective...don't put off what you want to do.

Go for it.

Ruth said...

I love my job and the community I live in. It would be awful to work at something you didn't enjoy. I do dream of living in a warmer location though, although I would hate to give up the benefits of living in Canada.

Dawn Fine said...

I think its wonderful that you have been able to create this awesome lifestyle after losing so much..but, was it really so much? You would most likely not be where you are today if it hadn't happened..Now you have so much more freedom..and a very Cool *JOB*
As a fellow Full time Rver..we left our fixed foundation and possessions about 11 years ago.
I Love this lifestyle and have never looked back.
Possessions are over rated..Its the journey,people and nature that are important...and bit necessarily in that order.
Happy Trails to You and your Gypsy lifestyle!

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