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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Going camping on the way to town

01 Kaibab NF sign SR67 N AZ (1024x443)

Mike and I both have the next two days off and we’re heading Out of the park.

02 Camping list (1024x768)

It’s about time to run away and play.

03 GRCA & Kaibab NF maps (1024x768)

We poured over the maps.

04 Camp stuff (768x1024)

Packed some food and camp gear.

05 Lupines under Ponderosa Pines FS425 Kaibab NF AZ 7-2010 (1024x768)

And in the morning we’ll drive into the Kaibab National Forest…

06 View SE-SW from Crazy Jug Point FS292 Kaibab NF AZ pano 7-2010 (1024x408)

…to some unknown beautiful rim camp.


Anonymous said...

Oh! Have a wonderful time you two! I bet you will find a magical camping spot to just sit and absorb nature!!

Firefly the Travel Guy said...

Hahaha... My wife also makes lists like that.

Unknown beautiful rim camp huh? I'm sure it won't be unknown anymore once you blog about it.

Diane said...

Sounds good to me. Looking forward to the photos you will take there. Diane

Elaine said...

Have fun!!

AJ said...

I realy enjoyed the last 3 posts... just kept scrolling... the sky, the flowers... the great views... even the camping supplies! I see you've been doing this for a while... ;-) that little role of white stuff is often forgotten by novices!
Enjoy your camping!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice spot to be at.

ain't for city gals said...

My kind of camping!

Amanda said...

I just came from there, it is where I saw the gorgeous lenticular clouds. Loves Strawberry. What an area!

Jo said...

That's my type of trip, Gaelyn, fun like camping in between on the way to more serious work - are you going shopping? Looks like you go as low-key as Grant and I do when we camp! Have a great time and come back and share! (((Hugs))) Jo

Pat said...

Looks good! Love the flowers. Hope to be back now with some regularity!

Teri said...

Have a relaxing and peaceful weekend.

Tammie Lee said...

sounds like you are off on a wonderful adventure. Who knows what beauty and wilderness you will find.

Barb said...

Hiding from us, are you? I really checked out your camp snacks. I see the Lupines are blooming, too.

Janie said...

I love the lupine photo. Hope you're enjoying a wonderful camping spot. We're off to Yellowstone NP this weekend.

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