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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Got the new home home, almost

Because a storm was headed our way Wed when we picked up the new RV we decided to stay a few days at a park in Apache Junction.

01 Last light on Superstition Mts under stormy sky from KOA Apache Junction AZ (1024x734)

Thurday’s last light on the Superstition Mts.

Glad we did as it rained all night and Thursday.

02 Sunset Apache Junction AZ (1024x670)

Friday’s sunset

The original plan was to go home Friday until we heard about the snow and freezing temperatures where we live. Not to mention the crazy New Years Eve traffic.

03 Snow on Superstition Mts from KOA Apache Junction AZ (1024x610)

Snow on the Superstition Mts.

Instead we went out for an early dinner and were asleep long before midnight. Then this morning dawned clear and cold.

04 Mike hooking up to new RV at KOA Apache Junction AZ (1024x519)

Even cold inside as we’d run out of propane during the night. Definitely time to go home.

05 Looking in side mirror at RV Hwy 74 W by Lake Pleasant AZ (768x1024)

And it just kept following us.

06 Snow on the Weaver Mts SR89 N Congress AZ (1024x768)

The last leg home is the Big climb up Yarnell Hill. The Weaver Mountains sure looked pretty with a white dusting. I held my breath almost all the way as the old truck pulled along at a whooping 27mph.

07 New RV stuck in snowy driveway Yarnell AZ (1024x768)

There is snow and this is as far as we go. At least for today anyway. Won’t be sleeping in it tonight, darn it.


Anonymous said...

hehe, well at least you got stuck in your own driveway..... much better than many other alternatives.....

The snow is so pretty! Enjoy it while you get to play in it a little, it will be melted away before you know it! I bet there are lots of birds visiting your feeders!

Silver Fox said...

Good luck with your new home - it looks like a beaut! :)

Barb said...

Homes Sweet Home! Glad you are safe and sound.

Nina F said...

Your new home is almost home!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

You got so close!

Elaine said...

Sounds like the old truck is the only one complaining about your new home! But slow and sure it made it up the hill.

Friend of HK said...

Happy New year!

Small City Scenes said...

It followed you all the way huh. Well that is a good thing. It is a beautiful new home.

BTW: I am back. Blogger and I had a talk and shook hands and here I am. LOL MB

Arija said...

Geez Gaelyn, thatis some mobile home to drag along.
Hope you were warm tonight.

Hugs and Blessings . . . Arija

Diane said...

You can see just how huge your new home is here, it is fantastic. That weather does not look good!! Drive with care. Diane

Diane AZ said...

Gosh, that's a lot of snow! Keep warm and enjoy your beautiful new home. :)

Martha Z said...

I hope you can get into it soon, it sure looks like a nice, comfy home.

Ruth said...

Our snow melted over the weekend but it is now cold again. Your pictures look beautiful but brrrrrrr!!!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Hi Gaelyn -- I saw your comment on Arija's blog and had to come by to see why your wheel estate is still parked where it's so darn cold....ok, now I see. Take care, be careful driving out there. Happy New Year.

Bill S. said...

Good luck getting your home home and may you have a great new year.

Nabeel's Cosmos said...

it's already so difficult to drive on snowy roads, let alone drive with a trailer attached to a car. Drive safely :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the new home. Love your marvellous morning shots!

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