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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cardinal couple

01 Lady Cardinal at feeder Yarnell AZ (1024x956)

Rarely do I see the Lady and the Mr. Cardinal at the feeder together.

02 Mr Cardinal by feeders Yarnell AZ (1024x851)

If she’s here, he’s nearby. And when she leaves, he takes his turn.

03 House finch & Mr & Mrs Cardinal Yarnell AZ (1024x768)

But once in a while…..


Arija said...

What a cute couple, just like the two of you.

You can have the whole skeleton and a few dozen more as we lost a lot of our old sheep last season.
A kangaroo's skeleton is totally different, small chest and big, long, strong legs and of course the dinosaur tail.

Nina F said...

Nice images of birds that I rarely see since I moved to UT.

Diane said...

Having never been to America I have never seen this bird before so thanks for the photos. The male is beautiful. Diane

Jo said...

The male is a beauty and the female is striking as well. I love that you captured them together. Reminds me of you and Mike: So together yet each his own person. Have a great weekend. (((hugs))) Jo

Martha Z said...

When the weather turns cold and snowy in the mountains, the birds return to the Great Valley and the birding is at its best. It looks like the same is true in your part of the world.

Barb said...

Hi Gaelyn, Your feeder is attracting a lot of fine customers. I'd be spending lots of time just watching!

greg urbano said...

nice shots, love the idea of living in your rv

Loran said...

I like the new look on your blog! The cardinals are wonderful.

christine said...

And they are a mighty good lookin' couple! Nice shots. We don't have these great birds in our region.

Firefly the Travel Guy said...

Very attractive fellow indeed.

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