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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dam View

01 Gaelyn at Dam View Page AZ (800x600)

I really need a Red Rock fix.

02 Dam View Page AZ (800x600)

During the summer Mike and I visited several places I’ve yet to post about. On one of our shopping trips via the Grand Staircase Escalante we stopped at the Dam View in Page, Arizona.

03 Mike on trail at Dam View Page AZ (800x591)

We walked a short trail to the overlook.

04 Eroded sandstone at Dam View Page AZ (800x600)

Past marvelously eroded sandstone sculpture.

05 Gaelyn's shadow on trail at Dam View Page AZ pano (315x800)

Where shadows stood tall.

06 Mike above Marble Canyon on trail at Dam View Page AZ (800x600)

Right up to the edge.

07 Colorado River from Dam View Page AZ 2of2 (599x800)

The Colorado River far below.

08 Glen Canyon Dam from Dam View Page AZ (800x598)

10 million tons of cement called the Glen Canyon Dam hold back and alter the natural flow of the mighty Colorado River. This creates the 186 mile (299 km) long Lake Powell with 1960 miles (3154 km) of shoreline for people to recreate on.

09 Lizard on sandstone at Dam View Page AZ (800x584)

While life looks on.


Diane said...

I love all these photos but the eroded sand stone is amazing. Mike is getting too brave going up to all these edges!! Diane

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Great pics.

EG CameraGirl said...

I love Arizona's landscape. It's amazing that the rock is so red.

Sally in WA said...

Gorgeous place!

Christine said...

I am glad to see some of the area surrounding Lake Powell as we would like to take our canoe there sometime. Those rocks are so amazing and the view of the river below.

Mark Alan Meader said...

I've been over that dam a few times.. pretty impressive. Have never had time to explore Lake Powell though, which I really want to do.. Rainbow Bridge is on my list of spots to photograph.

Barb said...

We love the Escalante Wildereness, Gaelyn. We might be traveling there in a couple weeks - still thinking on it... Your pics of the wide open spaces are wonderful, but please stay back from the edge!

blog with no name said...

Ahh yes... The beautiful sculpture standing on the edge wearing a flower print skirt?

Elaine said...

Fantastic rock formations.

Firefly the Travel Guy said...

Another stunning spots with awesome scenery and views. Its hard to believe that a dam wall can create such a big dam surface. But the water is needed, specially in the desert.

Pat said...

Just love it, the colors, the strata, the lizard....

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

You sound like me who always needs a bush fix. :) This is another beautiful area Gaelyn. I saw Hoover Dam but not this one.

Jo said...

Beautiful captures, Gaelyn. I also need to have a nature fix and am rejuvinated after such an outing. I cannot fathom a dam shoreline of over 3000kms. Amazing. I love how you and Mike mark your photos. Neat and organised. I was still going to "tidy" my pictures and documents on the laptop I started using in December last year. Never got around to it, and here I am on a new laptop adding picture after picture...Have a great day. Blessings Jo

Janie said...

Greaet photos of sandstone and redrock. I hope posting about it helped your need for a red rock fix!

victorian inn bed and breakfast said...

The Glen Canyon Dam is located upstream from the Grand Canyon National Park with an elevation of about 216m.The Glen Canyon Dam, Lake Powell, and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area are popular tourist destinations for visitors.

Ruth said...

What a beautiful area. I like the natural setting of this dam. I had to look up the location on a map. It really is in the middle of nowhere.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Nice dam view, I must say. And those red rocks - glad you got your "fix!" Thanks for sharing, Gaelyn.

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