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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Season’s Over

01 Gaelyn's Ranger Badge (1024x764)

October 15th was the last day of Ranger programs at the North Rim. The following day was my “Close of Business.” That means it’s time to turn in my badge. And get my final evaluation which was “Superior”.

02 Morning light on Ozette Butte & SR from Lodge NR GRCA NP AZ (767x1024)

This morning my supervisor took the staff out to breakfast at the Lodge. This was the last meal served for this season. And although my pancakes arrived after almost everybody was done eating, they were still a great delivery system for syrup.

03 Jesse lining up the group Ranger shot NR GRCA NP AZ (1024x767)

After wards we had our picture taken,

04 NR VC sign GRCA NP AZ (1024x908)

by the sign.

Sunday morning I take off to our winter home to take the slide-in camper off the truck then return on Tuesday. Wednesday is Mike’s last work day and we’ll pull out on Thursday and drive to Flagstaff. Friday I’m attending a lecture on the South Rim by Dr. Douglas Schwartz, Grand Canyon’s archaeological leader from the 1970s. Then home on Saturday. Don’t know if or when I’ll be able to post in between. But when we get home it’s back to the agony of dialup.


Karen said...

To me, the moment I turn in my badge is the when I get leaky eyes. That badge means a lot to me.

Joe Todd said...

So many beautiful photos. Thank you I feel your pain when I read dial-up LOL

blog with no name said...

Turn out the lights, the party's over... And next year start the whole thing again...

Thanks for introducing me to the gypsy lifestyle! I love it and I love you!

Firefly the Travel Guy said...

Another season is over. I'm not at all surprized at the "Superior" rating you received. Now its time to kick back your chair, put up your feet and wait for the dail-up to connect.

Michaelle said...

Enjoy your winter "vacation," Gaelyn!

biobabbler said...

Congratulations on a season well done! It always feels weird when you have to turn your badge back in, the keys, etc. I hope you enjoy your next adventure! =)

Elaine said...

It's got to be hard to leave such a beautiful place for the season, but I know you'll have many adventures before it's time to head back to the Canyon. One thing I know for sure is there are many beautiful places out there and there is no way you can see them all, but it sure is fun trying. Happy Trails!

Quiet Paths said...

Now it's time to plan trips? I really like that second shot of the canyon.

Ruth said...

I am not surprised that your evaluator called your performance "superior". Your passion for your work is evident and most compelling.

Janie said...

Congrats on the fine evaluation. sounds like a busy weekend moving to your winter digs.

Unknown said...

I'm just getting caught up reading other ranger's blogs. Yours wins with the words, "My supervisor took us out for breakfast.... " I'll have to be sure my supervisor reads that! Have a great winter.

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