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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rain in the hills means flood on the plains

01 On the way to Hurricane (1024x761)

On the road to Hurricane, Utah

Monday was grocery shopping day and this time we decided on Hurricane, Utah about 150 miles away, via Pipe Springs National Monument. Which Mike posted about here.

02 Storm building on the way home Hwy 389 E AZ (1024x607)

Highway 389 east

The drive there and back follows the ever changing scenic Vermilion Cliffs.

03 Storm building over Vermilion Cliffs on the way home Hwy 389 E AZ (1024x576)

Looks like rain on the Kaibab Plateau in distance

Weather prediction was for 20 percent chance of rain at lower elevation where we were. Yet we didn’t get it.

04 Rainbow from Pipe Springs NM AZ (1024x767)

Seen from Pipe Springs

But we did watched the storms to the east and happily received the rainbow treat that followed.

05 Storm building over Vermilion Cliffs Hwy 389 E AZ (1024x767)

As we continued along the storm scurried south.

06 Storm building over Kaibab Plateau from Hwy 389 E AZ (1024x566)

And appeared to hang over the Kaibab Plateau, where we live.

07 First flash flood over Hwy 89A S AZ (1024x768)

After passing through Fredonia and heading south on Highway 89A we came across a river of red pouring across the road and proceeded through it cautiously. A couple on a motorcycle were stopped on the other side taking pictures. Smart, we thought, for them not riding thru this swift moving water.

08 Second flash flood over Hwy 89A S AZ (1024x767)

Then we came to a second flash flood, this one looking a little deeper, faster and full of earth. Several folks on the other side were stopped. Don’t blame the cars for not attempting this crossing but did wonder how the motorcycle made it.

09 Idiot driving thru flash flood over Hwy 89A S AZ (1024x759)

Well of course there’s one in every crowd. Maybe that’s why Arizona has a “stupid driver” law.

After watching several people cross in front of us we decided to follow in the wake. It was sort of scary at one point with the water sheeting across the road into a drop off on the other side. And no, we didn’t get flipped, I just couldn’t watch anymore and moved the camera. We made it safely over, and my truck now desperately needs a bath.

11 One cloud shines through the storm Hwy 89A S AZ (1024x734)

But once we were across, the sky began to lighten.

12 Sun rays from clouds Hwy 89A S AZ (1024x768)

And the sun shone through.

13 Sunset Hwy 67 S Kaibab NF AZ (1024x768)

To reveal a gorgeous and quickly changing sunset.

14 Sunset through 2006 Warm fire trees Hwy 67 S Kaibab NF AZ (1024x624)

So ends another beautiful and adventurous day in paradise.


Barb said...

Hi Gaelyn, What an adventure and a rainbow, too. I like the way the road stretches to infinity. Mary is here and says, "Hi," She wants us to plan a trip to the N Rim - maybe in spring.

blog with no name said...

That sure was exciting going through all that water! The drop off and the boiling mud just out side the frame was intense!
Thanks for the adventure!

Janie said...

Beautiful scenes of the dark sky, the rainbow, and the interesting light.
The flash flood sounds like quite an adventure. Glad no one was swept away.

Splendid Little Stars said...

I was looking at the beautiful scenery (can't wait to see it in person!), and then I saw the flooding. Oh no! I know that a car can be swept away in only 6 inches of water.
Your excursion is exactly where I'll be in about a week--Hurricane. My husband and I are visiting friends. We are working on planning a day or 2 at the North Rim. ( hopefully, August 18 & 19. Less than 2 days just isn't enough!)
That last photo is magnificent!

mountain.mama said...

I love this post, all the amazing scenery, skies and water experiences. The west is just an incredible place to live, and to think we really aren't that far apart. I was just in Cedar City just last week!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

There is just no telling what can happen with water like that and I am pleased you made it through my friend. That last picture is stunning!! What a beautiful way to end a day.

Firefly said...

Its amazing how that storm followed a trail and dumped all that water in its wake while the surrounds got nothing.

The sunset photo with the bare trees in the forground is stunning.

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Glad you made it there and back. I love the rainbow but that last picture is stunning. Diane

Bibi said...

Oh, those skies....and the last photo especially is a real beauty.

Diane AZ said...

The flooded hwy does look scary to cross. The skies are awesome in this post, I love the rainbow, sun rays and sunset, wow!

Carolyn said...

Gaelyn, what stunning landscape and skies and you have captured both so beautifully. Your video is a little unnerving considering all the flooding and flash flooding that is happening round the world. Do take care and thanks for sharing your part of the world.
Smiles and blessings

Small City Scenes said...


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

What an adventure! That was indeed an unnerving bit, crossing the raging waters in your wheel-estate. Gorgeous scenery!

Craver Vii said...

Mesmerizing sunsets! That video was scary.

Al said...

Those are lovely photos. Those flooded roads can be scary, one of the roads in town was washed out by a flash flood a couple of days ago.

Ruth said...

Gorgeous pictures of the sky. I don't know if I would have been brave enough to go through the flooded roadway. Neat video.

Rambling Woods said...

An adventure just going to the 'store'.. There is always some driver who needs rescue here when we have flooding...they don't listen to the warnings...

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