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Monday, May 17, 2010

MWT - Hiking Havasu Canyon Day 3 Part 4 Return to Mooney Falls

01 Gaelyn in travertine cave opening that descends to base of Mooney Falls Havasu Canyon Havasupai Indian Reservation AZ (616x800)

OK, so we chickened out the first day making the treacherous climb to the base of Mooney Falls. (Previous post) Hope you didn’t think we’d blow it off completely.

02 Jake descending to Mooney Falls Havasupai Indian Reservation AZ (600x800)

Jake climbing down behind me

We returned the next day to meet the challenge.

03 Top of Mooney Falls Havasupai Indian Reservation AZ (800x589)

Top of Mooney Falls

Just wait until you see this.

 05 Chains along trail down to base of Mooney Falls Havasupai Indian Reservation AZ (600x800)

Mooney Falls from the, trail

After walking down stone carved steps into the dim light of  travertine cave formations the sun shone on a narrow chain protected, shall we call it trail, for about 15 feet (4.57 meters) before climbing through another dark and slippery space.

04 Person on trail by chains down to base of Mooney Falls Havasupai Indian Reservation AZ (800x600)Someone else where I was for the previous photo

06 Jake using chains along trail down to base of Mooney Falls Havasupai Indian Reservation AZ (800x600)

Jake below me

I couldn’t decide whether to turn around and go backwards almost straight down very slippery carved stone steps with the assistance of chains and metal pegs or face my certain death straight on.

07 People on trail down to base of Mooney Falls Havasupai Indian Reservation AZ (800x572)

These folks chickened out

All this made the ladders seem easy, at least once negotiating getting on them.

08 Ladders & chains for trail from base of Mooney Falls Havasupai Indian Reservation AZ pano (532x800)

And finally on the bottom looking back up where we just came from.

09 Mooney Falls Havasupai Indian Reservation AZ pano (275x800)

Was it worth it? You decide.

10 Pool below Mooney Falls Havasupai Indian Reservation AZ pano (800x293)

The water was 70F (21C) which felt nice but not for long.

11 Mooney Falls Havasupai Indian Reservation AZ pano (503x800)

We wandered downstream sometimes following a faint trail on dry land but mostly in Havasu Creek which I’ll post about soon.

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BTW, this is my 500th post!


Small City Scenes said...

Happy 500drth!!

Beautiful falls and I am thinking well worth the scary climb/descend. My old knees wouldn't make I am sure. But what a Falls. I am glad you did it for me. LOL!!!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Oh yes, it was definitely worth it!! We did not have to do all the climbing you see and just have the benefit of all your wonderful photographs, so please do this climbing all the time for us!! LOL!! Oh but I am NASTY!! LOL!!

Another beautiful part of your world Gaelyn. I think after that hike I would just fall down in that water to cool off. :)

Janie said...

Congrats on 500! I'm not there yet.
Beautiful shots of the falls, and scary ones of the trail! Definitely worth it, though, now that we know you survived...

Martha Z said...

It's worth it to your readers, we didn't have to do it. Would I do it? That would be a tough call, it's beautiful and I would love to go play in the creek once it warms a bit more.

Anonymous said...

I could not make such a climb. So your photos will do nicely.

Craver Vii said...

Too much for me. I would chicken out for sure. (bad knees)

Diane said...

No doubt about it that it was worth the risk, we would never get to see such amazing photos otherwise. diane

Diane AZ said...

Really fun post! I'm marveling at all the rich colors, the weird rock formations, the waterfall and most of all the treacherous trail you braved to get there. :D

Zane said...

Wow - looks like another world. What brilliant formations and what a place to adventure into.

21 degree water - definitely warm enough.

My feet are itching to travel again.

Great set of photographs Gaelyn.

blog with no name said...

It was well worth it sweeite!
But that sign at the begining is totaly crazy! How can you use extreme caution when you are exercising?
"Jumping Jacks, Ready, Begin!...
One and two and three and AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Al said...

I'm not sure I would have done that climb, but I'm certainly glad you did!

Elaine said...

Happy 500th Gaelyn! I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing your incredible pictures.

As for whether it was worth it to do this climb--yes, I'm very glad you did! It is absolutely awesome! As for me, I would have never made it, forget about my bad knees, but the height challenge would have had me frozen in place just like the rock formations. Subsequent visitors would marvel at the unique formation, and shake their head at how lifelike it looked.....

Jim said...

Terrific post.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Sylvia K said...

Happy 500!! Hope you make 500 more! And what a fantastic post and photos -- not that that is unusual for you, but these really are something else!!! And that waterfall takes my breath away! What a great, scary adventure! Have a great week, Gaelyn!


Noel Morata said...


thanks for showing us your world today, i like all the hike, scary, but yes worth it to me, i would love to do it!

i enjoyed the show and tour

LadyFi said...

Oh my goodness - that looks death-defying! And gorgeous - just stunning.

Carolyn Ford said... lived to tell the story with marvelous photographs! So, I guess that means it was worth it. But, I am starting to worry about you! I probably would not have gone on...I would have bagged the idea and used my good ole 250mm zoom lens...wishing I had a 300mm!

Firefly the Travel Guy said...

Happy 500 posts. You are hot on my heels. Now to head fro 1000.

I think the climb was well worth it. I would have wanted to do it. I just find it strange that there isn't an easier way down.

Pat said...

Definitely worth it for these beautiful photos you've shown us...I think I may have chickened out somewhere...

Rambling Woods said...

It's stunning..but you really did take your life in your hands so to speak..glad there were no falls...

Jeannette StG said...

Sure it's worth it - that waterfall is gorgeous!-, but I probably would have chickened out:)

A human kind of human said...

Moony Falls is a very fitting subject to celebrate your 500th post, me thinks. Congratulations and what an awesome place!

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