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Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm thankful!

Today may be Thanksgiving but yesterday felt like Christmas.

While I was painting the second coat on the ceiling (not a fun job) of the 5th-wheel the UPS delivery truck came by with my new water heater. It should be in by next week thanks to a local handyman. Yea, finally I’ll have hot water back in the RV. Just in time as I’m moving back in next week.

Then the mail came with the new books I’d ordered. I don’t buy many new things, so when packages arrive I get pretty excited.

Hope you all enjoy Thanksgiving if you celebrate. And if you don't, just think about what you're thankful for.

Kitty update: Berta currently has Latte and is working on an introduction to her cat Mama. Seemed kind of quiet around here last night. Will keep you posted.


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Gaelyn! I love packages in the mail - way cool!

Sally in WA said...

Hooray for hot water! And I'm glad Latte has adopted Bertha. I hope Mama is okay with him.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lisa Wilson said...

The Hopi Survival Kit will be really interesting, I bet! We have a friend that has studied the Hopi culture extensively. He has a big collection of kachina dolls, too.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Craver Vii said...

I'm thankful that people are different, and that some can be helpful in just the right way... like your local handyman.

Blessings to you this day, my friend.

jeannette stgermain said...

Aah, doesn't it feel good when things are accomplished and are getting done?
Have a happy thanksgiving to you!!

Ms. Fiddlesticks said...

I am thankful for hot water, nothing like it except for cold water when you are hot. How did you find a "local handyman", lucky you. Send him to Georgia for more work if he needs it.

Janie said...

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. With 3 new books, you were probably well entertained.
Glad you'll have the hot water heater installed before you travel again.
Hot water is something I'm very thankful for, especially right after a utility-less camping trip!

Small City Scenes said...

Packages in the mail are always exciting. Interesting choice of books. I have always been fascinated with the Hopi and indentifying bugs is interesting too. MB

Bibi said...

Right now, our washing machine is on the blink. Hot water is holding, though, but I do miss it when it goes...! I love to get things in the mail.

BTW, your comment on my Skywatch photo--there's a large road below, but the little 'streets' closer to the bottom of the photo are through a parking area.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Gaelyn: So your getting ready for your trip down south.

RuthieJ said...

I have that insect field guide too--it's a great book and I've ID'd plenty of bugs with it.

Rambling Woods said...

That insect guide is really great, I got it this past summer...

A human kind of human said...

How very exciting to see the Travel Atlas in there. Are you planning to visit SA? If you do please let me know and we might arrange a get together with traditional SA fare. That would be so COOL. Enjoy your hot showers!

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