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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MWT - Berta's Best Beautiful Blooms

Don’t screw with this beautiful lady
Although it’s beginning to feel like winter here last week when I went to Yarnell it was barely fall. The little apartment in the back is where I stayed. I’ll have to post pics of this cozy space.

Petunia, dianthus, impatience and begonia
Berta has an amazing green thumb and many well cared for flowers were still in bloom by her house.

Petunia and dianthus
Of course I had to call her this morning to find out what most of them are.

Purple heart, maybe
This wonderful purple seems to grow everywhere. My Mom has it in Texas and Berta used to grow it in Oregon. Yet I had to google it and this is my closest guess. Feel free to correct me.

Coleus, I think
Berta couldn’t remember the name of this one bought in a four inch pot. We both think it’s from the same family as Coleus. Again, feel free to pitch in.

Some of her plants are overflowing the containers. I love how creative Berta is with her flower pots, using baskets and bowls, or whatever comes to hand (usually through a thrift store).

Oak gall
A lot of oak grows in this area and I’m not sure if it’s the Emory Oak or Arizona White Oak. I’ll have to look closer when I get home. The twigs are heavy with galls mostly no bigger than half an inch that remind me of Christmas ornaments. A gallwasp injects its eggs in the plant tissue which causes the tree to form a gall. Then larva develops into pupa and eventually the adult chews its way out of the gall. Supposedly this doesn’t kill the tree, maybe some of the twigs and leaves.

It was so nice to be home with dear friends.
Only a couple more weeks and I’ll be back for the winter. I’m so ready.

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Happily Retired Gal said...

What a lovely series of plants and flowers! Your friend Bertha definitely has a green thumb.
Hugs and blessings,

Louise said...

Berta is amazing. I've been looking at my very few potted plants for about the last month and have almost decided to delete most of them from my life because I just can't keep up with their needs. (And they're low-maintenance ones.) The Bertas of the world make the world beautiful!

Erin said...

she's indeed has a green thumb...lovely plant collection. most are succulents, it appears? wish i had more time to spend in the seems to get in the way.
have a most wonderful rest of the week gaelyn. and of course many hugs to you!

Barb said...

HI Gaelyn,
Lovely photo's of Berta's blooms!Hope she can save them from frost awhile longer.
Mary called last night and said she met you. They (Julie and her) were on the way back to her home in Rio Verde. Sue (my other good friend) was on her way back to CO. It took them 11 hours to get to the N Rim and 10 hours to go back to the S Rim. Mary said the temps really cooperated. Julie is going to lose some toenails, but besides that, all went well. Mary said you were quite busy at the Visitor's Center when she found you. Thanks for taking time to meet them!

Jazz said...

I'm a useless gardner, but damn, I love a pretty plant.

Janie said...

Berta has an amazing green thumb. Must have been warm there to walk barefoot. I like fall, but I do kind of miss the warmth.

√ Abraham Lincoln said...

I forget what we called it but we have had it here more than once.

Diane AZ said...

Berta's plants are gorgeous and I like all the cool-looking containers. She looks like a fun and creative lady!

Carver said...

Your friend does have a green thumb. I enjoyed seeing her plants and that's great to get to spend time with her. Great shot you took of her too.

Thanks for visiting mine and I loved your description of what the blue herons remind you of.

Firefly said...

Wow, she seems to have an absolutely amazing "little" garden. Although I would love to have a parklike garden with little nooks and crannies and lots of big plants, this is probably more like my garden is at the moment. Little bits cared for in pots and little corners.

Bibi said...

I'll take your word for it for the plant names; I'm no botanist either and do not have a green thumb. I envy those who do, though, like Berta.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

I love Berta's blooms and her creativity! She has turned that small space into something beautiful and so welcoming!

Quiet Paths said...

One can tell that plants are truly her passion! Or one of them. I bet you have a favorite you carry with you too in the RV?

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Gaelyn: What a group of wonderful flowers you got to encounter.

Rambling Woods said...

Berta does have some beautiful plants and flowers....

Berta said...

It was such fun to get a preview of our winter funfest coming up. AND, so nice to know that these great folks will all be with you, inside, your computer, just like the verison man with his crowd of people standing behind him. Truly amazing conversations about the day to day lives of people all over the world. If anything will bring the world closer, and the concept of war impossible to justify, these blogs (holding hands actually) will do it.
I applaud all of you.

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