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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Going camping

View from nearby Fire Point taken last summer
OK, I have three days off. Actually 2 ½ at this point in the day. So I’m going camping. Heading out into the Kaibab National Forest to the edge of the canyon. There’s a couple points I’d like to check out, Stina, Timp, North Timp, Locust, Fence and Parissawampitts (say that three times fast) . I’ll just see how it goes. Be back in a few days with more pics and posts.


Kathiesbirds said...

Paris and warm pitts? What's that all about?

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

You are posting too quick for me. :) I was still sleeping when you changed it.

I know your plans have since changed but cam to look at your photograph anyway. :)

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Gaelyn: I hope you do get to see this place.

Louise said...

This is breathtaking. Is the long name that starts with "P" a Native American name? It almost sounds like something someone named as a joke.

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