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Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Big and Small at North Canyon - Kaibab National Forest

On my last days off I took a drive into the Kaibab National Forest and headed to Marble View. Unfortunately the last .25 mile becomes very narrow with low branches so I set up camp overlooking a finger of North Canyon.

The sky continued to boil and brew but the storm kept skirting around me towards the west.

It’s like the weather really couldn’t decide what to do. Yet even with all this cloud cover I sunburned my back.

Desert Paintbrush about 3 inches tall
This open patch of ground on the rim is much like tundra in that the plants grow very small. Probably not much depth of soil over this broken up limestone.

Hairy Golden Aster

Wrinkled Grasshopper (yes that's what it's called)
I had my nose down low to the ground searching for fossils and saw this creature blending in with the rocks.

Fossil hunting
Some fellow Rangers showed up unexpectedly and also assumed the fossil hunting position.

This strange bug I can’t identify showed up on one of their hats. (This bug’s for you Joan.)

taken at 6:18pm
As the sun began to set the wind increased. Can you tell which way it blows by the tree on the right? Another reason for the small plants.

taken at 7:09pm
Here you can also see smoke low on the horizon from a prescribed burn near Dry Park to the west. I’m sure the rising heat had some effect on the clouds, but that’s not smoke high in the sky. The burn was almost out by the next day from rain.

taken at 8:09pm
As the storm blew in over me the temperature dropped and a little rain fell.

The wind rocked the camper but I was snug.

House Rock Valley and Marble Canyon
In the morning I walked out to Marble View at the very end of the narrow road. I might try to drive out there next time to camp. Yet I liked the western sunset view where I was. And I had the place to myself.

Oh yea, I promise to show you the fossils collected tomorrow, or the next day.


Arija said...

Did yoy get a whiff at least of a fossil? I love fossil hunting and gem seeking and panning for gold, especially on my own where I'm not pushe to hurry up.
Lovely flowers and I like the weather coming up, it makes you keep a weather eye open.
Nice post Gaelyn and good to see you get away from the crowds for a while.

Diane C. said...

You got some awesome sky images, especially the 2nd and the one taken at 7:09. I love the Wrinkled Grasshopper. (Someday I should get an insect field guide.) Can't wait to see your fossils.

New England Girl said...

Once again, I am in awe of your photos. I am hoping to get out to camp in the parks sometime this summer or early fall. A friend lives in Jackson and he can't get enough of the camping/hiking and all-around beauty. I treasure New England, but hope to someday explore all of this in depth! :)

Rambling Woods said...

I would loooove to go fossil hunting. I did as a kid out in the country during the summers. It was so much fun...

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Thanks for the bug Gaelyn!! :) That grasshopper sure has a strange name. LOVE the slippers too and the Paintbrush. We had some rain here yesterday but it was so cold and miserable this weekend, I did not stick my nose out of the door. :)

Kathiesbirds said...

Sounds like you had a world of fun! I envy you that solitude.

dAwN said...

Now those are some nice panoramics! And fossils...what kind do you find there?
I cant wait to see them...what do you do with them when u find them?
You sure look snug as a bug in your cute camper!

RuthieJ said...

What a pretty area Gaelyn. I love the big and small and am glad you shared all with us.

Janie said...

Beautiful pics from your trip. I love the rays through the clouds. Handy that you always have your camper with you.
Hope you had good success with the fossil hung.

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