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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lights Working

Since I arrived at Grand Canyon it seems I’ve had no time to really settle in. First training with the hike across the canyon. Then preparing for programs and opening May 15th. Followed by over a week of being sick and finally back to work. Oh yea, I did squeeze in the slot canyon hike and Lake Powell.

The lights work!
Any way my “to do” list was getting long. I am a list maker because it feels so good to cross things off the list. Raked all the pine needles and cones at least 30 feet around my RV for required “defensible space.” Took all four jacks off the camper to lighten the load and keep them from rattling the old beast apart at the corners. Started to look for a water leak under the bathroom sink in the camper but the water tank was empty. Maybe tomorrow I’ll look into that, or not.

Almost all of them
Then I tackled the 12 volt system to get the running lights working on the camper. I’m no electrician, but 12 volt is only two wires, hot and ground, and it doesn’t have much kick if I mess up. Which I didn’t, and now I’m legal after dark.

So I think I earned a day out in the forest tomorrow. Well, after I do the laundry anyway.


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Sound like you are working hard on your days off but sometimes these things are necessary. :)

T.R. said...

These Grand Canyon posts are glorious. I'll be passing through in October.

Diane C. said...

I would imagine someone as busy as you would have a pretty long to do list. Being able to fix plumbing and electrical problems must be satisfying. Yes, a day out in the forest will be a great reward!

Jazz said...

Meh... do the laundry after you get back.

Karen said...

Even accomplishing one of those things would entitle you to a day in the forest in my opinion. Heck, just because you want to is good enough for me!

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