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Friday, May 15, 2009

Sky Watch Friday - Arizona Sunset

Sunset over Fivemile Mountain
Wednesday afternoon, at the advice of a BLM person at the Paria Contact Station I drove south on House Rock Valley Road towards a recommended hike.

House Rock Valley Road
The 3.5 miles (5.6 km) of gravel, washboard, potholes, big rounded rocks, tall pointy rocks and multiple dried ruts required a 30 minute drive.

The Cockscomb
And that was just to a place to camp, in the middle of everywhere, for free.

House Rock Valley Road
In the morning I still had 4.5 more miles of the same to get to the Wire Pass Trailhead.

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Karen said...

What a stunning place to camp !!!

Very cool photos !!

Pacey said...

Great shots! Beautiful and they are so intriguing to me.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Oh WOW!! Would you just look at that header!! LOVE it!!

What an ideal place to camp!! Just the sort I would like to spend some time in.

I am wondering what made those circles around the 2 clumps of grass? :)

Sally in WA said...

Looks like the perfect place to camp. Places like this are why I appreciate truck campers so much. :)

Karen said...

Gaelyn, you are not afraid. Next time, let me know where exactly you are going and when you are supposed to be back so I can send out the troops if you don't show up. We love you, you know.

Arija said...

Love it, all of it, the landscapes, the dust and particularly the grass tufts sweeping the sand.

Amanda said...

I am so excited for you!! That header photo ROCKS!!!!!

Diane C. said...

Awesome photo of your camper at the Cockscomb, it looks like a beautiful place. Enjoy your hike, looking forward to more pictures!

Andrea said...

I like the third picture:
"Is it the wind writing something for us on the sand,or is it the plant?"

erin said...

loved all your captures...the sand and the little clumps of grass is great.
hugs to you

2sweetnsaxy said...

Wow, these are awesome. I had to smile at the shot of the dust rising up in the road. Takes me back to my camping days and sand-railing. These shots make me miss camping. :-(

Quiet Paths said...

The color contrasts are so vivid down there right now. It must be amazing at night. Loving these!

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