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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Plastic Packaging WTF!

The plastic packaging on small, and medium, electronics is way over the top. It can take more than 5 minutes of cutting, hacking and prying to get through the multiple layers of stiff sharp-edged, actually meant to deter you from trying a quick slip of pocket knife and into a pocket. The last I understand.

Maybe they should print instructions on “how to open the package.”

I was already struggling my way through one, two, no three layers of this obnoxious plastic and afraid to stop so didn’t get a fully closed packaging photo. Who’d a thought?

And, no recycle marks. This crap will probably sit in the Earth long after our species is gone. Wow, what a legacy to leave.

Oh yea, I bought 250 GB portable drive to back up all my precious photos, these maybe excluded.

Rant over. I have to go wash the blood off my hands.

Flu update: Still home sick, day 5. Feeling better but still very weak. Also getting increasingly irritable from being stuck in an 8x27 foot RV when the Grand Canyon is just out of sight.

View east out the window next to my puter

(And now, serveral hours later, it won't work on my computer, isn't "compatible")


Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Oh noooo Gaelyn, I just read your addendum! Those packages are ridiculous, I mean I'm sorry that is not a gold ingot or radioactive material!! As you say so well - WTF!

Mikey said...

Just absolutely love your blog. I read back, oh, somewhere into last year, saw a lot of familiar places :) I'm definitely bookmarking you and I'll be back to see what adventures you're up to now. You are so inspiring!

Janie said...

At least you have a nice view of the Kaibab.
I share your irritation with all the ridiculous layers of plastic packaging. Then, to find out the backup drive doesn't work! Grrr.
I've been hearing from acquaintances in faraway places that this newest (dare I mention swine?) flu lasts about a week. You're almost there.

Karen said...

Well poopy! All that work, all that obnoxious plastic, and the thing doesn't work?

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I would have said WTF too and worse. :) How come it is not compatible? I would have thought that anything which is done via the USB is usable?

I would be going stir crazy too after being inside for so long. Hope you are better and ready for work.

The Good Life in Virginia said...

so sorry you are still under the weather with that nasty bug. and what the heck with that portible drive thingie (hoping you can return it). so like the view from your computer. me your physical addy where i can write you now that you are back at work when you have a chance :)
hugs and good thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Get better soon Gaelyn. We are in Agua Dulce on the Pacific Crest Trail, 455 miles into our Trek.

Have a great Summer!

Lantaw said...

Its pretty common nowadays, buy a memory card and it comes "packaged" with a ton of plastic :(

Ruth said...

Oh dear! The woes of computer incompatibility. They just keep you buying new systems! The last set of headphones I bought were ruined as I had to use a knife to cut through the cardboard lined plastic. I accidentally cut the speaker wires that I could not see. :-(
Glad you are feeling a little better.

Carolyn said...

I know how tough it is for someone who likes to be active to be grounded. Stick it out it will be worth it. I have made a point of shopping where excessive packaging is not the norm...smaller, local stores...better service, supporting local, little or no packaging.
Feel better soon Gaelyn.

Diane C. said...

That packaging is absurd. I love your last picture with the beautiful trees and crystals. I enjoy looking at the pine tree in my backyard, and birds seem to like it too.

Anonymous said...

After all that struggle and it's not compatible? ARRRGGGHHH!!! And on top of that, you're sick? Life is just not fair sometimes!!! Hope you're feeling better soon. And BTW, the external hard drive is the only way to go with your photos.

Marites said...

LOL! i had the same experience with those packages on electronic items. They get me swearing under my breath and at the end, you find it's not working...grrrr! :)

E. Michelle said...

Your view is amazing! I agree that type of packaging is pretty obnoxious and you both come out scared. Neat little device though.

RuthieJ said...

Oh that sucks Gaelyn -- after struggling to open the package and find out it doesn't work anyway! I'm so sorry. I hope you feel better soon.

Packaging said...

I amount of times I've cut myself opening these. The designers of this packaging want to try opening what they design!

Anonymous said...

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