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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Light in the Soul Award

I’ve been sitting on this award for several weeks. I actually received it while I was at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Since then, I’ve been in training, then barely got started working and have suffered from the flu for a week. So I’m taking time on these days off to pay if forward.

The 'Light in the Soul' award recognizes bloggers who let the light in their soul radiate throughout their blog, spreading warmth to their readers. I received this award from Sarah at ‘Britgalusa’ who always writes from the heart. Talk about a change in life, Sarah met her now Hubby in an online backgammon room and moved from England to live happily in Tornado Alley Okieland. I encourage you to check out her blog. She brings joy to my life more than once daily, I’m learning a little Brit, and maybe you’ll find out how much tea a Brit drinks in a year. Thank you very much Sarah for giving me this award.

I’m sure I could pass this on to many deserving bloggers. Yet there is one lady, Kathiesbirds from Sycamore Canyon, who I find the most deserving because her soul definitely shines through in her most passionate of writing. She’s an avid birder, and has a keen eye for the natural world. When she shares a walk in the desert I always come away feeling like I was there, walking beside her. So here’s to you Kathie!

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