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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Plumber Wanted

I spent the last two afternoons tackling the water problem in the camper.

Yesterday I put on a new faucet. I actually had to saw the plastic threads on the cold water because I could not unscrew the water line from underneath. There was only half an inch to rotate the wrench. Not to mention my body from the waist up was contorted into the space under the sink. But I had no problem installing the new faucet.

Unfortunately, the old water pump still didn’t work. So today I removed the unused water pump from the 5th-wheel. Then I again wiggled my upper body into this little space, and out, and in, as I removed the old pump and installed the replacement. The pump works, the faucet works. Yea!

Not so quick. There’s a leak. I’ll tackle that tomorrow. Right now my back and shoulders hurt.


Anonymous said...

The knee bone is connected to the leg bone, the leg bone is connected to the....

Its hard to untangle something to make it feel new and relaxed and ready to face the world fresh again.

But you are doing it Gaelyn. That's pretty cool.

You should be holding a crystal ball in your photograph. It's a fun symbol to employ. :)

Karen said...

if it ain't one thing it's another! but at least you got the water pump working. that's a good thing.

Sally in WA said...

I've replaced the faucet in our camper and I know how your feeling. Talk about having to be a contortionist! Hopefully you'll find and fix the leak quickly tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

You are getting to know your camper in its little dark and intimate corners. You are sharing your sweat and energy with it, making it your own unique space. Good luck on the leak!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Good for you!! A woman after my own heart!! I have seen on more than one occasion that we seem to be alike in many ways. I also tackle jobs like this myself. :)

The Good Life in Virginia said...

you did good gaelyn...i think most of us can do things but, we rely on others to fix for us. my husband always says i couldn't do something if he wasn't around...hey i did it before he was

take care and hugs

Kathiesbirds said...

You are one determined and independent woman!

Anonymous said...

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